Looking for a bargain on a power boosting ride? Look no further


Electric bikes have continued to rise in popularity over the last year – and of course like most other popular cycling products, there are some excellent deals to be had on a variety of bikes.

The beauty of electric bikes is that they allow those who may otherwise be put off cycling to be a part of the fun. Commutes that were once too long, or too sweat inducing, and hills that seemed insurmountable are suddenly achievable.

With growing popularity comes improved technology, and where once electric bikes were cumbersome and hard to store, they’re gradually becoming lighter, the power steadier and the batteries more reliable. They’re still not cheap, though.

To help you out with that last one, we’ve rounded up a collection of excellent deals from across the online retailers.

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Raleigh Array E Lowstep 2018 was £1100, now £715

This jazzy number is the Raleigh Array E Lowstep, a stylish hybrid bike that could be perfect for pootling around town or commuting to work. It looks so good because the slim battery is balanced on the rack at the back of the bike and the motor is in the front wheel hub, leaving the frame untouched.

The Emotion system has a range of 22 to 108km depending on the terrain and how hard you push it – it has 5 assist levels.

Buy now: Raleigh Array E Lowstep at Evans Cycles for £715 

Scott E-Sub Cross 20 2018 was £1948.99, now £1299

The Scott E-Sub Cross could make a great commuting bike for those who don’t want to arrive at work covered in sweat. A Bosch motor adds assistance, which is customisable through the screen on the handlebars. A front fork and wide rims and tyres adds a level of versatility to the bike, making it suitable for riding on canal paths and the like.

Buy now: Men’s Scott E-Sub Cross 20 at Rutland Cycling for £1299

Buy now: Women’s Scott E-Sub Cross 20 at Rutland Cycling for £1299

Trek Super Commuter+ 8 2019 XL was £3799, £2599

The Super Commuter+ 8 is all about versatility. It’s designed for anything from commuting to work to riding mellow trails. It uses a Bosch motor that’s placed around the bottom bracket which keeps the centre of balance low, meanwhile, the battery lives in the down tube.

This particular model is a part-exchanged, which means it has been used before. However, Rutland cycles says it has been full inspected by their mechanics, but that you should expect signs of wear and tear. It’s also only available in a size extra large.

Buy now:  Trek Super Commuter+ 8 2019 at Rutland Cycles for £2599

If you’d rather own something new, then the Trek Super Commuter is available at Evans Cycles for the full price of £3600.

Buy now: Trek Super Commuter+ 8 2019 at Evans Cycles for £3600

Raleigh Strada Elite electric bike was £2,500 now £1,750

An electric bike with 650 wheels, allowing  for 42mm tyres which are high volume and therefore comfortable to roll on a range of terrains.

Power comes from the excellent Shimano Steps E6000 system, which delivers a boost of power to make pulling away from the lights a breeze.

The gears are integrated with the motor and controller, and you also get a Shimano computer which will display all the information you need to know.

A carbon fork tops off the aluminium frame, dropping the weight and making for a comfortable ride.

Buy now: Raleigh Strada Elite Electric Blue electric bike at Halfords for £1750

Cannondale Quick Neo Tourer 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike was £2499.99, now £1645

best black friday electric bike deals 2018

The Quick Neo is reduced to £1,895, but with Tredz offering a further £250 via Spend and Save this Black Friday weekend, you can save even more. 

This model is designed for long distance riding, and come with nods to practicality such as full-length mudguards, a pannier rack, kickstand, and integrated Herrman’s front and rear lights.

The frame is alloy, and fitted with a 63mm Suntour fork. Power comes from the Shimano Steps system, and you can run it at eco, normal or high – depending upon your needs and how long you want the battery to last.

The brakes are Shimano’s discs and tyres are comfortably squishy, at 38c – though reliability being important, Cannondale has specced Schwalbe Energizer Plus TOURs with reflective trims.

Buy now: Cannondale Quick Neo Tourer 2018 Electric Hybrid Bike at Tredz for £1645

More electric bike deals at Rutland Cycles

Rutland has gone big on electric bike discounts. We can’t list every bike they’ve got on sale, but at time of writing discounts were as high as 40 per cent – check out all the deals here. 

We’ll keep adding more deals, so come back later if you’ve not seen exactly what you’re looking for…