Get £314 off the Tacx Neo smart trainer

A whopping discount

Update: This Prime Deal has ended and the discount is now 25%, or £314 rather than the £450 discount it was.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is in full swing and we’ve found this cracking deal on a Tacx Neo smart trainer that can save you over £314 and could step up your training no end – but it’s only available for 2 more hours!

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To benefit from the £462 discount you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership, but don’t panic you can get a 30-day free trial and still benefit from the discounts. Click here to register.

Buy now: Tacx Neo Smart trainer at Amazon for £797

Ok, we know smart training is typically a winter affair but these trainers also usually cost well over £1000, so this is a great opportunity to get one on a whopping big discount.

We’ve reviewed the Tacx Neo trainer and we were really impressed by it. One of our qualms was that it’s large, but other than that it was a great trainer. It’s quiet, which will suit those with nosy neighbours or who don’t want to disturb their flatmates or family at night.

It has full smart phone integration, and is compatible with Zwift, and when you have the turbo plugged in (it can be used without power) you can control the pitch of the ascents and descents – which the turbo can simulate – from your mobile phone. It’s a great training tool, and you can set it to certain wattage and it’ll automatically adjust the resistance until you reach that level; making it great for training sessions.

Buy now: Tacx Neo Smart trainer at Amazon for £797

Our other gripe about the Tacx Neo was that it was so expensive but thanks to Amazon Prime Day that’s eliminated. Right now you’ll save £462 but it’s currently 27% claimed and there’s only two hours left to cash in on the deal!

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