Eight in one kids' bike grows with your child

Start out with a stroller, and watch your child progress through the stages to fully fledged cyclist

Buying a children's bike can be expensive - and it can be hard to part with the cash required to get a quality machine if you know your little one is likely to morph into Stretch Armstrong within months of purchase.

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We've seen brands look to overcome the growing legs phenomenon with adjustable bikes, and the Monkeycycle is the newest addition - as well as being perhaps the most extreme.

The kit can be purchased in several different build formats, and transforms from stroller to balance bike, to pedal bike and finishes the journey at a quad bike.

The modular bike has been designed to suit kids from nine months to six years. The final design was the work of Michael Downs, a bike designer who Monkeycycle says has over 20 years experience with some of the biggest brands in cycling.


The brand has exceeded funds required to bring the creation to market, via Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns - and hopes to be shipping in May.

At the heart of the bike is an aluminium frame, and the top tube can be flipped over to adjust the geometry between bike styles. Wheels and components can be swapped - with some iterations also sporting disc brakes.

Step one is a stroller, with a detachable mini child seat. Next, the bike morphs into a pedal-less trike, before becoming a balance bike, and then a pedal bike.

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From here, more wheels can be added so the child can propel either a trike or a quad bike - though we reckon a lot of parents will be looking to move on to bigger bikes as kids' grow older and more confident, rather than adding more wheels for additional stability.

There are various different build options - but a full system currently costs £267, a reduction of 41 per cent from the RRP of £458. Weight varies depending upon the build, but starts at 3.6kg for the balance bike and gets up to 8.8kg for the quad bike.