British road race season picks up momentum with eventful Clayton Velo Spring Classic

David Allonby used his strength against the clock to lead the action at the 2017 Clayton Velo Spring Classic, but was ultimately caught as Jacob Hennessy took the win - Photo by Andy Jones

Clayton Velo Spring Classic 2017.

(Image credit: Andy Jones)

A strong solo ride by David Allonby (Big Northern Setup) very nearly provided an upset in the British early-season Clayton Velo Spring Classic on Sunday.

Allonby put in a long solo move through the latter stages of the handicap event in Clitheroe, Lancashire, providing a headache for the riders behind him.

Seasoned time triallist and second-category rider Allonby forced a concerted chase, as a strong group of riders behind him attempted to make the catch.

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In the end, Allonby's valiant effort was foiled, and Jacob Hennessy (100% ME) took the win from a reduced bunch sprint ahead of Dillon Byrne (VCUK VeloChampion) in second and Michael Cuming (Neon-Velo) in third.

Allonby came home in 14th spot, only nine seconds down on Hennessy despite the day's efforts.

Annasley Park (Team Breeze) took the victory in the women's event.

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Clayton Velo Spring Classic 2017

1. Jacob Hennessey (100% ME)

2. Dillon Byrne (VCUK VeloChampion)

3. Mike Cuming (Neon Velo Cycling Team)

4. Alex Luhrs (Brother NRG DriverPlan)

5. Richard Handley (Madison Genesis)

6. Fraser Martin (Raleigh GAC)

7. David Bolland (Neon Velo Cycling Team)

8 .Richard Haughton (Brother NRG Driverplan)

9. Angus Claxton (100% ME), at same time

10. Simon Deplitch (Team Chronomaster), at 6 secs

Dave Allonby goes solo in later stages of race
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Early handicap group
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Pendle Hill as a backdrop, Clayton Velo Spring Classic 2017
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Women's winner Annasley Park and Team Breeze
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Mike Cuming on the front of the chase group
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Dillon Byrne
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Richard Handley
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Jacob Hennessey wins
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Final podium
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Watching the race in the warm
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

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