What did you think of the first ever World Championships mixed relay team time trial?

The discipline was held for the first time at Worlds level – here’s what the fans thought

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As well as being the first World Championships held in the UK since 1982, Yorkshire 2019 also saw another milestone as a new discipline was ridden for the first time at this level.

The team time trial mixed relay event kicked off the racing on Sunday (September 22), replacing the TTT contested by trade teams that has been held since 2012.

A dominant Netherlands team took the world title, following up on their European mixed relay success earlier this year when the discipline was raced for the first time ever.

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But what did the fans think of the new event?

Here’s a selection of your responses to the mixed relay team time trial at the Yorkshire 2019 World Championships:

What did you think of the first ever World Championships mixed relay team time trial?

Loved it. Brings men's and women's cycling fans together. Very exciting racing and the crowds looked amazing. They could, maybe, allow teams to choose the mixes of men and women in the two groups of riders.

Gwyn Hewitson

It was great idea. By and large it worked very well. The weather played a part but at least that was the same for all. It was a thrilling ending with Italy just losing out by a very small margin. But good for GB team. Enjoyed it.

David Guest

It wasn't very exciting being stood by the side just after the finish line. Excitement for 10 minutes as the first three teams went out, then nothing until they started crossing the line and so on. It would have been better if there had been a big screen we could watch so we knew what was happening. I have since watched Eurosport's coverage which was exciting as it had all the empty time cut out and made it look like all 10 teams were out together - but as the start ramp only took three teams, that's how many were out on course at any one time. I'm sure as a spectator sport this will get better in time - maybe a route that isn't a circuit would be better, so that teams could all be sent off three minutes apart with the ladies setting off half way round?

Kirsty Warwick Connolly

Very exciting and great to bring the best of each country together!

Clare Hunter-Booth

I like [Chris] Boardman's view that perhaps they should allow teams to split the men and women how they see fit. Overall, a refreshing format, allowed some younger and newer talent get some exposure to the world. Definitely a move in the right direction.

James Baggott

Would prefer to see the trade teams if I’m honest.

Jane Jones

It was good., but I'd prefer to see a national team of men and women. Separate races.

Carl Dyson

Great event but the teams should be able to mix things up a bit, mixed groups or simply run in the order they prefer

Andrew Payne

Give the option to have men or ladies go first or second, makes it tactical. Not sure if it's for World Champs though.

Graeme Cockburn

I watched a small portion of it and thought the concept was dumb. Won't watch it in the future.

Angela Maggart

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