Who holds the Paris-Roubaix Strava KOMs?

Which riders are the kings and queens of the cobbles when it comes to Strava?

The cobbles of the Trouée d'Arenberg
(Image credit: Graham Watson)

The biggest prize to be gained at Paris-Roubaix on Sunday will be the famous cobblestone trophy, but if you're a rider who doesn't manage that, then at least there's the secondary prizes of the many prestigious Strava KOMs along the course.

Quick-Step Floors' Niki Terpstra was the former king of the KOMs having taken on his way to victory in 2014. However, the Dutchman's dominance has been challenged in the last couple of years as more pros start to upload their rides.

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There are also still a handful of amateurs that have managed to cling to their KOMs, while there is a tantalising opportunity for someone to take the QOM on the Viesly to Briastre sector, a new addition to the race course that has never been ridden by a woman on Strava.

Also up for grabs is the KOM of the Roubaix velodrome, with the tired sprints at the end of a 260km not lending themselves to KOM-chasing, with an amateur currently holding the best mark by five seconds.

Paris-Roubaix KOMs

29. Troisville to Inchy (2.3km in length)

KOM: Jesper Sjødt 2-56

QOM: Bea Anderson 4-06

28. Viesly to Quivy (1.9km)

KOM: Christian Knees 2-30

QOM: Peta McSharry 3-34

27. Quivy to Saint Python (3.7km)

KOM: Stijn Steels 5-38

QOM Alie Mulder-Schilder 7-35

26. Viesly to Briastre (3km)

KOM: Christian Knees 6-20


25. Briastre to Solesmes (0.8km)

KOM: Nikolas Maes 1-25

QOM: Karin Vermaut 3-20

24. Vertain to Saint-Martin-sur-Écaillon (2.2km)

KOM: Edward Theuns 3-06

QOM: Bénédicte Houtekins 4-31

23. Verchain-Maugré to Quérénaing (1.6km)

KOM: Christian Knees 2-35

QOM: Alie Mulder-Schilder 3-29

22. Quérénaing-Maing (2.3km)

KOM: Hugo Houle 2-28

QOM: Sue Zuki 4-25

21. Maing-Monchaux-sur-Écaillon (1.6km)

KOM: Niki Terpstra 2-08

QOM: Sue Zuki 3-12

20. Haveluy to Wallers (2.5km)

KOM: R W 3-28

QOM: Christina Marchand 4-55

19. Trouée d'Arenberg (2.2km)

KOM: Jon Mould 3-22

QOM: Louise De Waal 4-19

18. Wallers to Hélesmes (1.6km)

KOM: Rob Alexander 2-13

QOM Liz Grootenboer 2-28

17. Hornaing to Wandignies (3.7km)

KOM: Maarten Tjallingii 5-15

QOM: Liz Grootenboer 6-04

16. Warlaing to Brillon (2.5km)

KOM: Niki Terpstra 3-40

QOM: Christina Marchand 5-09

15. Tilloy to Sars-et-Rosieres (2.5km)

KOM: Niki Terpstra 3-40

QOM: Lucy B 4-58

14. Beuvry-la-Foret to Orchies (1.4km)

KOM: Maarten Wynants 2-10

QOM: Meesh B 3-08

13. Orchies (1.1km)

KOM: Tom Van Asbroeck 1-24

QOM: Josefien de Boer 1-46

12. Auchy-lez-Orchies to Bersée (2.6km)

KOM: Oliver Naesen 4-02

QOM: Andrea Rodriguez 5-40

11. Mons-en-Pévèle (3.0km)

KOM: Niki Terpstra 4-33

QOM: Andrea Rodriguez 6-10

10. Merignies to Avelin (0.7km)

KOM: Niki Terpstra 51s

QOM: Lucy B 1-10

9. Pont-Thibaut to Ennevelin (1.4km)

KOM: Zoo Kissl 1-52

QOM: Susannah Osborne 2-23

8. Templeuve (Moulin-de-Vertain) (0.5km)

KOM: James Lawson 39s

QOM: Andrea Rodrgiuez 1-03

7. Cysoing - Bourghelles (1.4km)

KOM: Marcus Burghart 2-11

QOM Susannah Osborne 2-58

6. Bourghelles - Wannehain (1.1km)

KOM: Marcus Burghart 1-43

QOM: Gwenno Hughes 2-12

5. Camphin-en-Pévèle (1.8km)

KOM: Paolo Albonetti 2-20

QOM: Gwenno Hughes 3-45

4. Carrefour de l'Arbre (2.0km)

KOM: Taylor Phinney 3-18

QOM: Anne Sophie Martin 4-42

3. Gruson (1.1km)

KOM: Tanguy Turgis 1-31

QOM: Amandine Kerro 2-19

2. Hem (1.4km)

KOM: Paolo Albonetti 2-04

QOM: Lucy B 3-07

1. Roubaix (0.2km)

KOM: Claude Sibenaler 19s

QOM: Peta McSharry 27s

Roubaix Velodrome (one lap)

KOM: Teun Mulder 29s

QOM: Elke Vandekerkhove 41s

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