Red Bull Mini Drome: Like track racing, but smaller

The Red Bull Mini Drome visited London on Saturday (January 15) for a night’s packed track racing with a difference.

The Mini Drome is like looking at a regular velodrome track through a pair of binoculars the wrong way. Measuring only 25 metres in length, the Mini Drome is a tenth the size of a normal track – and is completely portable.

A total of 105 riders entered the London event, with the top 32 going through to the final rounds.

True to the track spirit, competitors are only allowed to ride on fixed wheel bikes. Skill is needed to keep the bike on the track, let alone survive the dizziness speed at which the corners come around.

Trials star Chris Akrigg won the London event reaching a maximum speed of 22.51mph and best 25m lap time of 3.232 seconds. Akrigg’s 10-lap time of 35.473 seconds set a new Mini Drome record. Christian Vollmer placed second, with Matthieu Trinquartt third.

The track itself is made by Velotrack, who constructed the track used in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

The Red Bull Mini Drome will be touring the UK throughout 2011.

Red Bull Mini Drome 2011, London

The Red Bull Mini Drome in all its glory

Red Bull Mini Drome 2011, London

It’s all corners at 20mph

Red Bull Mini Drome 2011, London

Not much room for overtaking

Final, Red Bull Mini Drome 2011, London

The final between Chris Akrigg and Christian Vollmer

Chris Akrigg, winner, Red Bull Mini Drome 2011, London

Chris Akrigg celebrates his win

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