Strava finally add 'Gear' option to mobile app

The gear feature has previously only been available on web browser, but now you can list your gear from your phone

Strava has updated its mobile app
Strava has updated its mobile app
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Strava has finally added the gear options to its mobile app, letting you share your bike, shoes and other kit with an activity. 

Listing your gear has been a long-standing feature of the web browser version of Strava, but the social media for athletes has recently updated the app so you can give more details about your ride from your phone. 

The update went live on Wednesday (September 15), and now lets you add your gear, shoes and bike to your athlete profile. 

You can then gauge the mileage for each piece of kit, helping you to plan maintenance, upgrades, and care of your bike. 

For cross-discipline athletes, you can also keep track of the mileage for your shoes, so you know when it’s time for a replacement.  

The gear option on Strava lets you add plenty of detail about the kit you’re using.

You can add your bike to your profile on mobile in the Profile menu, then choosing Gear, the clicking ‘add bike;.

Strava then allows your to enter a nickname, choose a type of bike, add the weight, and enter the brand, model and a note. 

Once you’ve created the bike, you can also list the components to keep a detailed log of all the equipment you have on your machine, although this feature is still only available on the Strava website. 

For security, your gear is only displayed to people who are following you. 

But it’s worth considering the safety of your bikes when listing your gear on a GPS tracking app like Strava. 

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In 2019, Cheshire Police issued a warning to GPS app users, encouraging them to minimise their social media footprint in case burglars could be using the tacking to follow your movements. 

In 2015, Mark Leigh believed burglars targeted his house after he revealed his address and the models of his bikes publicly on the app.

Thieves broke into his garage and stole two bikes worth £500 and £1000. 

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