Transport Minister 'terrified' of seeming to be 'waging a war on the motorist', says Cycling UK

Grant Schapps' government policy is to decarbonise without the need to "stop is driving", whilst Cycing UK and other experts say reducing car reliance is essential

Traffic on M25
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cycling UK has said that Minister for Transport Grant Schapps 'appears to be terrified of saying anything that might be interpreted as "waging a war on the motorist",' following Green Alliance research which shows that traffic on the roads in England and Wales is likely to 'double by the year 2050' when compared with 2015 figures. 

The research questions Schapps' Transport Decarbonisation Plan (TDP) which he says outlines "the opportunity to decarbonise transport without curtailing our freedoms. It won’t stop us driving." 

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