Tweets of the week: A finish line crash, Vingegaard's doppelgänger, and Van Vleuten on stage

Toms Skujinš gets confused in France, and cyclo-crossers don't like Guinness in Belgium. It's all going on

A photo of Jonas Vingegaard with social media posts overlaid
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We all have lookalikes. There are only so many ways that the human face can look distinct and different, and so there are people who, at a glance, could be us. It's why so many of us try and make ourselves stand out, through haircuts, piercings, tattoos, things like that. Even I have been told I look like a professional cyclist before - in face, not in body - with apologies to Toms Skujinš and Nick Schultz for your misfortune. 

The concept of doppelgängers is not new. However, what is new, is a lookalike being so convincing, that not only does it hoodwink someone, but it makes it into the press. The threshold for news about cycling must be different in Belgium, because this week a man who looks a bit like the two-time Tour de France winner Jonas Vingegaard managed to not only be convinced to have a photo with a restaurant owner, but it made it into the Gazet van Antwerpen.

Why the man didn't say "excuse me, I'm not actually Jonas Vingegaard", beats me, but then, maybe he got a free meal out of it, so who am I to judge. Just a couple of weeks ago someone came up to me in a pub and asked me if I was a comedian I'd never heard of; maybe I should have gone along with it.

Anyway, I guess cyclists aren't really famous enough to have their faces remembered globally, so funny things like this happen. Well done, fake Jonas!

Elsewhere on the internet this week, Connor Swift rides through a big puddle, Tobias Foss reveals he used to love Team Sky, and Annemiek van Vleuten tries out stand-up. The off-season marches on.

1. It is fair to say that some riders are more skilled than I am. I think I would have fallen over within the first two seconds.

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2. What is it about getting in from a ride which makes me want to sit on the couch before I have got changed? Come on Adam

3. I've seen that Wout van Aert look before. It means 'what the f*** are you doing here?'

4. Toms Skujinš set off on his ride in France, but has somehow ended up in the Upside Down. 

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5. If you're going to go fancy with your celebrations, you should probably practice cycling like this first, or it all ends up going wrong...

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6. Being a pro on a training camp is simply going out for a ride with your mates isn't it, looks quite fun

7. Jonas Vingegaard isn't an amazingly distinctive person, but come on even someone who has only ever seen him in a helmet knows that this is not the two-time Tour de France winner

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8. Just like all the worst commuters in London ten years ago, Tobias Foss cycled around in Team Sky kit

9. Annemiek van Vleuten's show sounds fun. I wonder how many laughs are in it, and whether she will go on a run at the Edinburgh Fringe next summer?

10. Cardiff is neither sunny or warm at the moment, so Geraint Thomas ic clearly dreaming here

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11. Gives me the ick every time I see this photo, maddening

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13. Cycling clothing is so expensive that we should really be getting more wear out of them. I support this.

14. Come on Pim Ronhaar, drink your Guinness. It's good for you.

15. Intermarché-Circus-Wanty take note, this is how to make the most of the real estate on your kit

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16. Then you would ascend to the next level?

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17. Geraint Thomas, Tour de France winner, can still fanboy occasionally. It's cute.

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18. Wout is coming to ruin your day out at the beach, watch out.

19. And finally, Christine Majerus' valve caps will be hot property soon.

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