Tweets of the week: A finish line crash, Vingegaard's doppelgänger, and Van Vleuten on stage

Toms Skujinš gets confused in France, and cyclo-crossers don't like Guinness in Belgium. It's all going on

A photo of Jonas Vingegaard with social media posts overlaid
(Image credit: Getty Images)

We all have lookalikes. There are only so many ways that the human face can look distinct and different, and so there are people who, at a glance, could be us. It's why so many of us try and make ourselves stand out, through haircuts, piercings, tattoos, things like that. Even I have been told I look like a professional cyclist before - in face, not in body - with apologies to Toms Skujinš and Nick Schultz for your misfortune. 

The concept of doppelgängers is not new. However, what is new, is a lookalike being so convincing, that not only does it hoodwink someone, but it makes it into the press. The threshold for news about cycling must be different in Belgium, because this week a man who looks a bit like the two-time Tour de France winner Jonas Vingegaard managed to not only be convinced to have a photo with a restaurant owner, but it made it into the Gazet van Antwerpen.

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Adam Becket
News editor

Adam is Cycling Weekly’s news editor – his greatest love is road racing but as long as he is cycling on tarmac, he's happy. Before joining Cycling Weekly he spent two years writing for Procycling, where he interviewed riders and wrote about racing. He's usually out and about on the roads of Bristol and its surrounds. Before cycling took over his professional life, he covered ecclesiastical matters at the world’s largest Anglican newspaper and politics at Business Insider. Don't ask how that is related to cycling.