Campagnolo's newest Bora wheelset shaves 135g off the previous model

The iconic road wheel receives two new updates, with the Ultra WTO said to weigh just 1,285g a pair

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheel fitted to a road bike
(Image credit: Campagnolo)

Campagnolo has released two updated versions of its Bora wheelset for 2024: the Bora Ultra WTO and Bora WTO. Both disc-brake only wheelsets are available in 35mm, 45mm and 60mm rim depths. The Bora was first introduced 30 years ago and has been a staple of the Italian brand’s road racing line-up ever since.

The range-topping Ultra WTO weighs a claimed 1,285g for the pair, some 135g less than the previous model. In fact, Campagnolo says the update is “superior in every aspect”, with improved aerodynamics, stiffness and resistance to impacts among the headline benefits.

Detail of G3 lacing on the Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheel

(Image credit: Campagnolo)

At the heart of the newly designed Ultra WTO is the rim. Constructed using the brand’s H.U.L.C. (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon) molding, it’s made from aerospace-grade carbon, which Campagnolo says makes it tougher, lighter and stiffer than previous iterations. 

Aerodynamic improvements come courtesy of improved integration between the rim and tire, via a drop-shaped profile that’s said to “create more dynamic airflow”. In terms of gains, Campagnolo says that resistance to headwind is now 13% less than with the previous model, dropping to as much as “ 80% in a 15-degree side wind”. 

Rim profile of the Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheel

(Image credit: Campagnolo)

The wider 23mm internal rim width is also said to benefit aerodynamics, alongside the ‘Aero Mo-Mag’ system that uses internal fibreglass-reinforced polymer seats for the spoke nipples. Campagnolo says it makes for “perfect alignment with the spokes”, as well as being a completely internal system, which reduces drag.

A C-Lux finish on the rim contributes to both the wheel’s lighter weight - the finish doesn’t require lacquer - and a better seal between tubeless tire and rim. Campagnolo says that due to the precision of the finish, the pressure seal is increased, which translates into the “safest possible seating of tubeless tires”. 

Rim detail of the Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheels

(Image credit: Campagnolo)

Another contributor to the Bora Ultra’s weight reduction is the use of a carbon front hub. Both front and rear hubs are laced with a G3 spoke pattern, with the Ultra WTO using seven groups of three spokes, while the WTO uses eight groups.

Front hub detail of Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheels

(Image credit: Campagnolo)

While the H.U.L.C moulding, hidden nipples and C-Lux finish are only offered on the Ultra WTO model, both wheels feature Campagnolo’s 2-Way fit system, which also allows for the use of clinchers. The WTO also benefits from the same C23 inner rim design and also uses ceramic bearings.

Bora Ultra WTO wheels retail prices start at $4,090 and €3,690, while the Bora WTO wheels retail prices start at $2,790 and €2,590. 

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