Tech round up: Kask Sintesi, MAAP Training Range and Maium's Future Ground clothing

A helmet for every ride, training gear and weatherproof clothing that looks as good off the bike as it does on...

Tech round up products include a Kask helmet and MAAP training clothing
(Image credit: MAAP / Kask / Maium)

While cycling often gets divided into disciplines, groups and even cliques, and with it the gear, kit and clothing, for many of us these delineations don’t exist. We might ride to work, enjoy a weekend club run and go bikepacking when time permits. We might even do it all on the same bike.

Certainly clothing and accessories that can work across a range of cycling landscapes make lots of sense for most of us. If this week’s round of products is anything to go by, the industry, or some brands at least, are in agreement.

Kask’s latest lid is both affordable and designed for riders of all styles, while MAAP’s refreshed training gear is designed to be used day in and day. Dutch brand Maium too are committed to producing clothing that’s practical and ethical, designed for everyday rides and useful when you step off the bike, too. 

Kask's latest lid is one for all occasions

Kask Sintesi helmet

(Image credit: Kask)

Italian brand Kask has launched its latest helmet, the Sintesi, which it’s billing as a highly versatile lid that works across disciplines. 

A helmet for “any occasion” is perhaps a more intriguing concept than it at first seems. Sure, you wear any helmet while out riding and as long as it’s a good fit and is secured correctly it should do its job. 

But let’s be honest a helmet is more than mere protection just like a cheese sandwich is more than just fuel. Comfort, ventilation, aerodynamics and styling are the condiments here that both elevate a helmet beyond its primary function and also make it more applicable to certain riding conditions and riders.

Kask Sintesi helmets

(Image credit: Kask)

So how has Kask tackled the challenge of creating a helmet that will cover all bases?

Regardless of whether you’re on a road ride, hitting some gravel or heading to work a lightweight helmet will trump something heavier, and with a claimed weight of just 230g for a size medium the Sintesi is suitably svelte. Shape wise, it appears correspondingly compact, with venting that looks to position it somewhere between an aero lid and a breezy summer one. 

Affordability is also likely to broaden appeal and the Sintesti is competitively priced at £90 / $120. However, it boasts a number of features used in Kask’s more expensive helmets. There’s the EPS inner shell and polycarbonate outer shell, the breathable, antibacterial and antistatic Blue Tech padding and the Ergo Fit adjustment system. And like all Kask helmets the Sintesi has been developed using its in-house rotational impact tests.

Last, but not least, the Sintesi is offered in 11 colours, which should be enough choice even for the most fashionable of cyclists.

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MAAP Training Range

(Image credit: MAAP)

While race-ready clothing gets lots of attention, unless you’re being paid to ride your bike, it’s your training gear that’s going to get the most use. 

With this in mind Aussie brand MAAP has ‘refreshed’ its training range, which it says is created for ‘day in, day out riders’.

“With this latest Training collection we wanted to bring together the community of cyclists around the world who put in the work, do the miles, and find solidarity in the practice of pedalling,” said Jarrad Smith, MAAP co-founder. “That means everyday premium items that consistently perform, day-in, day-out, from season to season.”

MAAP Training Range 2022

(Image credit: MAAP)

Certainly the clothing seems to reflect Smith’s words. The Training Jersey, a staple of the line-up, is offered in both a short sleeve version and a thermal long sleeve number, which should have most weather conditions covered. It’s cut in MAAP’s Team Fit too, which it says is a little more relaxed than its race-oriented gear - ideal for long, slow winter miles you’d think. Upgrades from previous versions include a zip ‘stash’ pocket and bonded seam back pockets for improved durability.

The Training Bib Shorts are also made with long and regular miles in mind; the chamois pad is dual-density and the straps are seam-free for improved comfort on all-day rides. 

There’s also a winter jacket complete with fleece lining and a range of off-the-bike garments too, including crew sweatshirts and shorts - ideal for lounging after a ride or for cross-training efforts in the gym. The range is further unified via a fresh take on the MAAP logo.

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MAIUM breaks new ground with innovative and practical clothing for daily riding

Maium Future Ground clothing

(Image credit: Maium)

While cycling continues to evolve and diversify it remains at heart a simple pursuit. The act of riding a bike from A to B is open to most. And this straightforward act is what makes cycling a powerful force too. It’s no stretch to say it’s broken down barriers and can certainly play a significant role in the reimagining of towns and cities in the future.

MAIUM is a brand born from this simple act, created by two friends, accustomed to cycling year round in their native Amsterdam, who wanted to make clothing for everyday riding that was practical on the bike but stylish off it.

Maium Future Ground clothing

(Image credit: Maium)

The latest drop of its Future Ground range stays true to this ideal, while also continuing the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The teddy cardigan, long and short bodywarmer, padded duffle coat and kids puffer all use recycled fabrics, including recycled PET bottles. The duffle coat is particularly eye-catching, featuring MAIUM’s signature side zips that allow it to shield both rider and bike when riding.

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