Tech round up: Kask Sintesi, MAAP Training Range and Maium's Future Ground clothing

A helmet for every ride, training gear and weatherproof clothing that looks as good off the bike as it does on...

Tech round up products include a Kask helmet and MAAP training clothing
(Image credit: MAAP / Kask / Maium)

While cycling often gets divided into disciplines, groups and even cliques, and with it the gear, kit and clothing, for many of us these delineations don’t exist. We might ride to work, enjoy a weekend club run and go bikepacking when time permits. We might even do it all on the same bike.

Certainly clothing and accessories that can work across a range of cycling landscapes make lots of sense for most of us. If this week’s round of products is anything to go by, the industry, or some brands at least, are in agreement.

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