These heat mouldable shoes are still my favourite after over two years of riding - and they're reduced by 40%

I've worn these shoes for well over two years, and I would not go back to 'standard' cycling shoes, now

Lake shoes
(Image credit: Future)

I updated my review of the Lake CX403 road shoes back in July 2022. At the time, I'd been wearing them for "over a year", and I concluded they were "the best cycling shoes I've ever worn."

It is now November 2023. I am still wearing these shoes, and they are still the best cycling shoes I've ever worn.

Lake CX403 Road Cycling shoes in Blackwere £450now £269 at Sigma Sports

Lake CX403 Road Cycling shoes in Black were £450 now £269 at Sigma Sports

Suited to 'high cadence, high pressure' riding, these shoes use Kite kangaroo leather on the upper, have a custom fit carbon fibre sole, and mouldable carbon fibre inserts to help you find the ultimate fit.

The offer is available in the black shoes, from size 39 to 50 (EU).

Your feet play a huge role in optimising power production. It's something I've discussed in detail with former British Cycling physiotherapist and bike fitter at the eponymous Phil Burt Innovation, Phil Burt. 

Burt once told me (for an article on bike fit): “The foot and ankle don’t generate any power. All the power comes from your quad and your glute. But you can lose a hell of a lot through badly fitting shoes – for example, if your foot is moving around or over pronating, you can waste a lot of energy.”

I rate the Lake CX403 road shoes because my feet do not budge in them, thanks to the custom moulded carbon inserts at the mid foot and heel. 

Moulding is simple: place the shoes in the oven (really), then put them on your feet, mould to fit, and away you go. You can re-mould the shoes as many times as you like. I am notoriously impatient and not a fan of reading instructions, but I managed it, so I'm sure most readers would be just fine.

Lake CX403 shoes side profile

(Image credit: Future)

The real 'ah-ha'/lightbulb moment for these shoes came when I left them at home one day, instead riding in my Specialized S-Works 7 road shoes (since superseded by the S-Works Torch). The 'SWorks', with their race focused carbon sole, are known to be excellent performers and a firm favourite among bike testers. However, the lack of custom fit meant they just - genuinely - didn't hold a candle to the feeling of sprinting in the superior cradle offered by Lake. 

Elsewhere, the CX403 shoes use Kite kangaroo leather, which is extremely supple (and from my experience, durable), and closure comes from an IP1-S Boa dial, which is perfectly secure. 

The only 'con' I listed for these shoes was that they're designed for riding in. The close fit means they can become uncomfortable during long periods of standing (in my case, waiting for the commissaire to wave the flag for a race that was delayed). However, I've not since had any reason to stand in my cycling shoes for 30+ minutes, so I can't say that I still hold this as a major issue, it was probably a bit mean of me to mention it, in hindsight.

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