Tweets of the week: A Sepp Kuss and Tour de Tietema special

It might be hot as hell in the UK this week, but that does not mean the social media content stops

Sepp Kuss on the podium of the Vuelta a España, with tweets overlaid
(Image credit: Getty Images)

In all honesty, this year's Tour of Britain has not been the most electrifying so far: five stages, four sprints, five Jumbo-Visma wins. That's no criticism of the organisers, who have a very hard job, just a reflection on a repetitive week from Manchester to Essex.

Forget about the racing, though. Maybe it's not about the racing. If it is about the social media game, then the stage race around England and Wales is providing the goods.

The biggest providers of social media gold this week have been Tour de Tietema, the online phenomenon which started out around Bas Tieteman, grew into a YouTube channel, and now a whole cycling team - TDT–Unibet Cycling Team. They are known for their quirky clips, like trying to get riders to do wheelies or dunk basketballs at the Tour de France, but are also a serious cycling team.

The Dutch squad are using their travels around this fair isle to to just post though, it seems, and I think we can all respect that. If you're not going to win a stage or come close, why not make sure you're taking home combativity awards and tweeting the hell out of your week?

From Simon Cowell jokes to an instructive video on how to make a proper cup of tea, the TDT lads know how to make a splash - including, by making an actual splash.

Away from heatwave central, AKA the UK, to a more traditionally hot place, Spain, where Sepp Kuss has been in the red jersey at the Vuelta a España for a week, and has been the subject of much excitement online. He is the first American to lead a Grand Tour in ten years, so we get the craze, especially as he isn't Chris Horner. How he works alongside Jumbo-Visma's two other leaders, both of whom are defending Grand Tour champions, in Primož Roglič and Jonas Vingegaard, is a whole other question.

Elsewhere, there's Ellen van Dijk continuing to get mileage out of being pregnant for posts, Jesús Herrada's Jesus-like collapse, Thomas De Gendt's jersey offer, and Demi Vollering meets the King (of the Netherlands).

1. We start with the crazy guys at Tour de Tietema, with Harry Tanfield showing their audience how to make a cup of tea. One can't help but wonder why, if Yorkshire Tea is so important to the Yorkshireman, he doesn't take the tea around with him? Maybe he ran out

2. Harry Tanfield, not only a content machine for Tour de Tietema, but a very good bike handler too

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3. This is the meme of the week as far as I'm aware, and it comes with so much self awareness too. Well done TDT

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4. Tour de Tietema have been the entertainers at the Tour of Britain, even if Jumbo-Visma/Simon Cowell do not approve

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5. Harry Tanfield cannot stop having fun, and who can blame him?

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6. Talking of having fun at the Tour of Britain, it's good to see people getting stuck into our cuisine like this. The good old fashioned English dish of a Frankfurter in a baguette

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7. If anyone deserves to meet the King of the Netherlands, it's probably Demi Vollering. I have struggled but I can't name anyone else in the photo, and to that end, I would like to apologise both to the Netherlands and the Dutch royal family. Damn my ignorance.

8. I know Ineos want us to make it seem like Ben Turner is doing karaoke here, but to me, it seems like he's halfway through a stand up routine. 

"These days, you can't say you're English without being arrested and thrown in jail"

9. Jake Scott, that guy on a club ride who always has to be extravagant for no reason

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10. Poor Remco has been through a lot in his short life and the Vuelta to date

11. This photo just screams cycling across the USA to me. Who's giving out free hugs that late at night, though? Hmm

12. One of these Lidl-Trek women is not like the other. Yes you're right, it's Brodie Chapman, cos she's in the Aussie champs kit

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13. Are we still doing Barbie memes? Really?

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14. How far do you think you would get up the 40% climb? I'm thinking absolutely nowhere

15. Magnus Sheffield is absolutely thrilled by the idea of the Crucible Theatre, the Winter Gardens, Park Hill, the Super Tram, errrr Jarvis Cocker

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16. A really good tweet. No further comments.

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17. Onto the Sepp Kuss section of TOTW! The man from Colorado looks like he has just realised what is happening to him here. Good luck, Sepp

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18. Sepp Kuss, of course, is hampered by not having Sepp Kuss as a domestique 

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19. Good luck to anyone who wants to get in the way of the Jumbo triumvirate 

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20. Thomas De Gendt has a very attractive offer here

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21. The Cofidis soigneur just wanted to celebrate his charge's win, but instead faced the full force of the famously soft Spanish police

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22. Finally, we end with some art history from the Low Countries

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