Tacx GoPro Bike mount review

Coming with both handlebar and saddle mounts, the Tacx GoPro Bike mount uses a camera quick release system to make capturing your cycling action as easy as possible

Tacx GoPro Bike mount
(Image credit: Gerrit Schreurs)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Tacx GoPro Bike mount is great value mount that enables you to film front and rear with the simple push of a button. The only downsides are it's lack of compatibility with GoPro's Hero 5 and above and non-threaded headsets.  

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Front and rear mount brackets

  • +

    Quick release system

  • +

    Compatable with all GoPro HERO models

  • +

    Also comparable with other action cameras that use identical GoPro base

  • +


  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not compatible with all headsets

  • -

    Mount sits quite far back on stem

  • -

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Whether your totally new to capturing your cycling action, a dab-hand at making your own edit or are looking for safety dash-cam style filming, action cameras are a real hit with novices and pro's alike. However, once you've decided on filming your ride the problems soon arise as to where and how to mount you camera. Designed specifically for the GoPro Hero model's 2 to 4 (including the + range), the Tacx GoPro Bike mount will also support any action camera with the identical GoPro base.

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Made from a injection molded plastic, the Tacx GoPro Bike mount is actually two in one mount. The bracket that fits to the actual base of the GoPro case, via the standard bolt through attachment mechanism, effectively attaches the camera to one half of the Tacx GoPro Bike mount, with the actual camera position interchangeable via permanent brackets mounted on either the handlebar, stem or the bike saddle.

Tacx GoPro Bike Mount

Clockwise from top left: GoPro bracket, top cap mount, saddle rail mount.

The front handle bar adaptor fits in the place of the top cap, using the top cap bolt to secure in place. A simple sprung quick release button then allows the user to attach or detach the camera. The rear adaptor is mounted on the saddle rails, fitting a standard rail width of around 43/44mm and, a rail circumference of between 7-9mm (enough to account for oversized carbon).

Tacx GoPro Bike Mount

Remember to manually switch up upside down recording when using the rear mount.

The Ride

It was a bit of a false start with mounting the Tacx GoPro Bike mount, as my first attempt of heading out with it on the road bike was thwarted by the 5mm bolt, which wasn't compatible with my integrated FSA headset. Once finding a bike with a threaded headset, installation, of both front and rear mounts was a breeze.

Swopping between front and rear mounting was really simple, although you do need to remember to manually turn the camera settings to upside down when filming at the rear. By the nature of the front mount position on top of the headset the camera captures a fair amount of stem, and handle bar in the footage. Personally, I actually rather liked this 'on deck' view, but some might prefer more of a cleaner uninterrupted camera angle.

In terms of quality of image from the Tacx GoPro Bike mount, it's as good as the GoPro camera inside. It was incredibly stable with excellent imagery, even in the really rough terrain it was tested over.


Once you've invested in a GoPro, the choice as to how to mount it on your bike can be somewhat overwhelming. But at just shy of £17 the Tacx GoPro Bike mount is a really good option providing great footage and speedy change between front and rear filming. The other great thing about the mount, it that it's also compatible with Tacx's mudguard and saddle bag, so once the rear mount it attached to the saddle rails, you can easily decided what to attach to it.

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