Santini BeHot arm warmers

Made from heat-generating fabric, the Santini BeHot arm warmers should be perfect for spring and autumn rides.




  • Look great
  • Nice finish
  • Well suited for long arms


  • Not the warmest
  • Too wide for skinny riders
  • Ineffective grippers

Price as reviewed:


Santini has constructed these warmers using its BeHot fabric, which it claims generates heat as it stretches and contracts.

However, while this should have a decent effect on items such as winter tights, on arm-warmers where the fabric doesn’t stretch and contract, the temperature gain is minimal at best. For this reason I found the Santini BeHot arm warmers were best saved for when the mercury rose comfortably into double figures.

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Aesthetically pleasing, the main body of the warmers is black; a coloured section at either end comes in red, blue, yellow, or grey, and the raw cut gives a clean appearance.

Although I found the length excellent and well-suited to my long arms, I really struggled with these warmers falling down and found myself pulling them high over my shoulder in an attempt to stop this. Perhaps a more muscular rider may not have these problems, but for the gangly climber, the poor grippers are, quite literally, a let down.


The Santini BeHot arm warmers have a lovely finish, but could be warmer and have a fit that probably isn't best-suited to the typical cyclists' build.


Weight: 56g