Giro Aether MIPS

Giro Aether has given us all the tech we need to increase safety without any of the drawbacks. An amazing helmet that you should all consider

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  • Looks
  • MIPS
  • Cooling
  • Weight


  • Can't fault it

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  • Giro is one of the pioneers when it comes to helmet safety, incorporating Swedish-developed MIPS to help improve the quality of protection from rotational impacts. I have been so impressed with the latest technology in the Giro Aether MIPS that we just had to award it with a place on our Editor’s Choice.

    The new Giro Aether helmet has been built with the new MIPS Spherical technology which, rather than an afterthought liner, actually sits within the two shells of the helmet to completely eradicate overheating or any annoying catching of your hair – a common complaint on the early adaptations of MIPS.

    It also looks stunning and that is a major plus point for the Giro Aether MIPS: we have now got to a place where safety isn’t at the detriment of anything else – are we looking at the game-changing helmet?

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    As you can see, the helmet looks like two pieces attached together in the middle. This is where the attached rubber straps are that allow for that 10-15mm movement to help reduce rotational impacts. The lid is actually made from six individual pieces and based around a number of large vents to offer great ventilation.

    Giro Aether

    Other safety pointers are the multi-density EPS foam that not only saves on weight but helps manage a wide range of impact energies. You also have what Giro call the Aura arch that is a translucent band across the top of the helmet for extra reinforcement. It even has a neat integrated eyewear docking port to secure your sunnies when not in use.

    Wearing the Giro Aether MIPS you really don’t notice anything unusual, and that is the best thing about the system. It is just a regular helmet with typical Giro styling, fit and performance; weighing in at 269g, which is fairly decent and only 50 or so grams heavier than the Synthe.

    We really can’t fault the Giro Aether – I’m sure we’ll be looking back at it in years to come as the beginning of a new style of helmet.


    We all will look back at 2018 as the year that produced a helmet that takes a new form and offers plenty of increased safety features without hinderance to weight, cooling or general performance. Great helmet from Giro.