Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright review

We adore the lights that UK brand Exposure produces and the Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright is no exception to the great performance and finish we've come to expect

Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright
A super light that'll help you be seen out on the road – even in the daytime
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I feel safer in the knowledge that I'll be much more likely to be seen by approaching cars and other traffic with the Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright attached to my bike. It truly is a dazzling light that cuts through the light pollution to grab the attention of other road users.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Lumen output (80)

  • +


  • +


  • +

    Burn time

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    Weight (77g)

  • -

    Limited mounting options

  • -

    Complicated mode selection

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The British light brand has been producing some great product over the years and has become a go-to brand for anyone after powerful, well machined lights – a lot like the Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright.

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Exposure says this light is great for a number of disciplines and users. Commuting, road cycling and time trials it says, offering six different burn times along with side illumination for added be-seen touches.

To access those six different burn modes or to access the REAKT or Peloton function is quite complicated, so much so I needed to read and watch the Exposure Explain videos to help me through it. REAKT is a motion sensor that adapts the light to the conditions and speed, acting as a brake light when you slow down – which is amazing by the way – and Peloton is a low-level mode for when riding in a group.

Basically it comes down to how many flashes you get when holding down the function button when the light is switched off. One flash program one (high with DayBright), two flashes program two (medium) and so on. Program one contains the DayBright function and program four activates the REAKT function described above. To access the Peloton mode you need five flashes.

Make sure you read up on which program offers what mode for total piece of mind and try not stare into the light whilst doing it (I'm writing this with a few spots in my vision).

A super light that'll help you be seen out on the road – even in the daytime

The DayBright function is amazing. I've used this light for my commutes into work and found that it totally helps counteract the effect of a low sun and seems to aid drivers when almost blinded by sunlight, which can make you as a rider almost invisible.

The lower modes still offer plenty of power for a rear light and at night I can often see the rear light in my peripherals, again giving me peace of mind that I should be noticed.

The Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright unit isn't the best looking unit on the market and I wouldn't say it was sleek, but it does feel well built and the mount feels secure. Depending on what bike you ride the mount can be fairly limiting and although I found it did fit most bikes, with aggressive aero seatposts the mount tended to sit to one side rather than directly behind.

The Exposure Blaze MK2 DayBright weighs in at 77g which is fairly heavy for a light; it will fully charge in three hours which is excellent considering you could get up to 48 hours of run time with this light and it is durable enough to stand the test of time. That all goes some way towards making the £90 outlay worth it.

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