Exposure Lights Sirius Mk3 front light

A great light for urban commuting and country lane riding, we test the Exposure Lights Sirius Mk3




  • Easy, one button operation
  • Range of beam settings good for urban and country lane riding


  • The standard mount allows the light to move

Price as reviewed:


The Exposure Lights Sirius Mk3 front light is billed as a light for urban riding and commuting and so was tested on an hour-long commute home, starting in the half-light and ending in pitch dark.

It couldn’t be easier to use — double press the one operating button on the rear (which also acts as a battery health indicator), or continue holding for flashing. The flashing ‘SOS’ mode gave much needed security against the usual hazards when riding through town.

Once on a darkening country lane you can select a ‘low’ constant beam by simply ‘scrolling’ through the three beam settings (high/medium/low) using the one button.

The mount, affixed with a rubber strap, enabled me to position the beam by tilting the light forward/back; the rubber mount though does mean the light does ride up occasionally, especially when it’s bumpy — Exposure makes a more stable fixed mount which the Sirius will click in and out of.

Contact: www.use1.com


A great light for urban commuting and country lane riding. Highly recommended.


Lumens: 400
Minimum run time: 2 hours
Modes: 7
Charge time: 6 hours
USB: Yes
Tool free: Yes