Specialized Shoe Cover review

Specialized sent us a pair of shoe covers as the winter started settling in, and we took them out for testing

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Specialized have created a very simple shoe cover that is tough and warm. Much thicker than a tradtional oversock, these shoe covers have lasted well, and we admired the simple design.

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    No water repellency

The Specialized Shoe Cover is a simple product that does what you’d expect for a £15 pair of oversocks.

They’re not quite your average shoe covers, though. The polypropylene material is much like a regular oversock, only thicker and tougher — a kind of overshoe and sock hybrid.

So far they’ve resisted wear and tear around the sole far longer than a regular oversock and thanks to that extra thickness, warmth and overall shoe protection are improved too.

To match up with the extra warmth provided, the length of the cuff is fairly substantial to prevent any coverage issues with your longs.

The lack of water repellency is slightly disappointing, and could render them far less useful as the worst of winter sets in: get caught in a wintry shower and their warmth could disappear.

These are a good low cost addition to your stock of cycle kit, but are unlikely to replace a full heavy duty pair of winter overshoes.

For more details head over to the Specialized website.