Quarq, sister company of SRAM, has had an update and called it the Quarq DZero power meter and what a great job Quarq has done

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Quarq DZero Power Meter


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Quarq DZero power meter


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The new Quarq DZero power meter is named after the DZero experiment, according to Quarq. That experiment was one of sciences most accurate and innovative projects to detect subatomic particles moving at the speed of light – so Quarq are hoping for great things after such a name check.

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A new measurement circuit along with revised strain gauge design for the Quarq DZero Power meter is to improve accuracy to within 1.5%. I tested this against the Wahoo Kickr and found it to be three to four watts above what the Kickr was reading during the same effort.

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This would count for drivetrain watt loss and proves that the reading is fairly accurate. I didn’t experience any reading drop outs or any spikes during rides, efforts or post analysis either.

Quarq Dzero power meter

New strain gauges and measuring circuits work well

You can capture the data via Bluetooth or ANT+, so phone or cycle computer connection is possible. Bluetooth giving you constant readings over ANT+, something in favour of more and more data collection units and power meter companies.

Quarq DZero power meter is compatible with all BB’s according to Quarq and it has said it has made it easier to ensure you buy the correct model for your setup. It has done this by simplifying your choices.

Quarq Dzero power meter

Simple coin cell battery is effective

A number of BCD’s are available, either in Aluminium or carbon and you can buy in the DFour setup that suits Shimano chainrings. You can also purchase the spider alone for £583, this various depending on model.

Quarq DZero is easy to install to when ordered with your preferred bottom bracket standard but you’ll need the right removal kit as SRAM and Shimano are different standards.

I’ve tested this power meter over 2000kms now, the single coin cell battery is still good and I haven’t experienced and problems so far. The power meter still shows a green light and connects to my Garmin easily.

To keep the Quarq Dzero power meter functioning as it should you can download the Qalvin app. This allows to update firmware update, run diagnostics and check battery voltage details another nice touch of the entire system. It’ll help if there is an update from Garmin or other units so everything works together as it should.

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On top of the great price and performance a two year warranty will give you piece of mind, a great job by Quarq.


Quarq DZero power meter is a solid unit for those seeking easy, reliable and accurate numbers from a power meter.