Topeak Mini Morph G pump review

The Mini Morph G turns into a diminutive track pump to get you on the road again

Cycling Weekly Verdict

A reasonably portable pump with a lot of extra leverage over a mini pump

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Extra capacity and leverage over a minipump

  • +

    Reasonably portable

  • +

    Will get you up to a proper running pressure if you get a flat

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Awkward ergonomics mean you have to bend a lot to use it

  • -

    Takes up a bottle cage mount if you put it on your frame

  • -

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The weight weenie in me is tempted to head out with the bare minimum of repair kit. It’s an approach which is usually fine – until something goes properly wrong and I end up calling for the broom wagon. Or walking.

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The same is true of puncture repair. I often carry the smallest pump I can lay hands on, which maybe will get me up to 50psi or so and let me struggle home, but rather curtails the enjoyment of the ride and leaves me scared of getting a pinch flat every time I hit a bump. So a pump with a bit more oomph is definitely an advantage, particularly if it doesn’t incur too much of a weight penalty.

Base includes a fold-out foot plate

Base includes a fold-out foot plate

The Mini Morph is designed to provide just that: it’s got a fold out footplate at the bottom and a handle which folds out to a T-shape for better leverage. There’s an extendable hose and a presta/Schrader head with a locking lever. In addition, the G version has an in line pressure gauge, although you can also get a Mini Morph without this.

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Being under 27cm long, the Mini Morph is still not going to give you the performance of a stay-at-home track pump and you will be bent over double to use it, but it does allow you to get a lot more leverage to your pumping than a minipump does. The barrel is quite wide, so you can get a bit more air in per stroke too.

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The Mini Morph is compact enough that you can carry it on your frame, using the included mount, although you’ll lose a bottle cage in the process. It would also be a good bet to tuck away if you’re carrying larger luggage or a pack. It’s not really pocketable though.

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