Halo ProActive sports wash review

We've been testing Halo ProActive sports wash on our cycling kit – an effective sports kit cleaner that helps reduce odour build-up

Cycling Weekly Verdict

An effective way to keep your sports kit clean and whiff free – a shame it’s not more available in supermarkets.

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    Effective sports kit cleaner

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    Reduces odour build-up in kit

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    More economical than many sports kit washes

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  • -

    Limited availability in stores

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Most cycling kit is made from technical manmade fabrics. These have a tendency to get pretty whiffy and the smell tends to build up in them over time too. Many have washing instructions which recommend 30°C maximum, which means there’s limited opportunity to get them really fresh.

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Merino wool reduces the odour problem but is expensive and also needs to be washed carefully, so a laundry product which helps keep odour at bay even when washing at low temperatures is very useful.

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Halo makes some strong claims about its sports wash
(Image credit: mike prior)

Halo ProActive is designed to kill off odour-causing bacteria that feed on the sweat we produce when exercising. Halo says it also removes skin particles from clothing which are rubbed off the skin and lodge in your clothing’s fibres. Rather than the sweat and skin particles themselves, it’s the bacteria feeding on them that make your clothing smell.

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Halo says that as well as washing out sweat and skin and killing off bacteria and viruses in the wash, its active ingredient stays around in the clothing and continues to suppress bacterial growth and hence whiffiness.

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I’ve been using Halo ProActive on my cycling kit for a few months now. It’s certainly effective at cleaning up dirty, sweaty clothing. It’s only faintly scented, so if you want your kit to smell like spring blossom after washing it will disappoint. But it does suppress other odours effectively. You still won’t get away with wearing the same synthetic baselayer for a week, but it might just smell a little less lived-in when it comes out of the drawer ready for action.

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Sainsbury’s sells Halo ProActive Sports Wash in its larger stores and you can find it in some sports retailers, or buy online directly from Halo.