Pedro’s RXM Multitool review

We test Pedro's £19.99 RXM multitool. It's well stocked to deal with wheel and drivetrain problems.

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Lots of tools to deal with wheel and drive chain problems, but relative paucity of allen keys and no torq head

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comprehensive wheel tools

  • +

    Neatly integrated chain tool

  • +

    Comfortable to use

  • +

    Well priced

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Only five allen keys

  • -

    No torx bits or crosshead screwdriver

  • -

    Quite heavy

  • -

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If something goes wrong out on a ride, chances are it will involve the wheels or drivetrain. Pedro’s RXM multitool is well appointed to deal with either of these eventualities.

For starters, it’s got a neat removable all-metal chain tool which slots into the plastic multitool body. This uses the multitool’s 5mm allen key as a handle. It also integrates three different widths of spoke key into its base, with these being deep enough to reduce the risk of burring the nipple’s facets.

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Also in the mix is a Mavic M7 spoke wrench, incorporated into the multitool itself. So you’ve got pretty much everything you need to sort out a broken chain or true up a dodgy wheel packed away in there. There’s also a flat bladed screwdriver – but no crosshead one.

Having covered all that lot, there’s a relatively sparse set of allen keys: six in total from 2.5mm up to 8mm, with the largest being a push-on cap over the 6mm version. There’s no torx head either, which may or may not be a problem dependent on how your bike is bolted together.

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The body of the tool is made of plastic, but seems sturdy enough and it’s shaped so that it’s comfortable to use. It also incorporates a stop which means that you can turn your allen keys out to 90 degrees to the body, but no further, so that you can get leverage without the heads slipping around.

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The RXM tool is well thought out and contains pretty much everything which you might need to keep going if you have a mechanical when out riding, with the exception of a crosshead screwdriver and a torx bit. It’s quite heavy though at 160g, although it does mean you don’t have to carry a separate chain tool as well. But it’s a good price for such a comprehensive multitool.

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