Easton EC90 SL carbon clinchers




  • Effective braking surface
  • Smooth bearings
  • Light


  • Rims flex, so probably not suited to heavier riders

Price as reviewed:


“The world’s most advanced carbon clincher,” according to the manufacturers – a bold statement indeed and one worth scrutinising.

Starting with braking performance, Easton may have a point. The SwissStop pads supplied with the EC90s, combined with the Thermatec surface on the 38mm rims, give superb stopping power without a hint of grabbing that’s usually associated with carbon hoops. A great start.

Then there’s the silky-smooth R4SL hubs running on ceramic bearings. Pick up one of these wheels and give it a gentle spin and it will still be turning after putting the kettle on, making the tea and settling back down with a biscuit. So far, so very good.


The only point where Easton's claim comes unstuck is with the rims themselves, which flex far more than should be reasonably expected for something in this price bracket. Perhaps the Sapim bladed spokes - 18 at the front, 24 at the back - are the culprits, but I suspect not. This relative lightweight had to set the brake blocks wider to stop rubbing under pressure, so heavyweights are regretfully advised to look elsewhere.


Supplier: www.extrauk.co.uk