Everesting challenge, part three: The climb

Episode three of the Everesting challenge sees Matt Barbet take on his attempt

Cycling Weekly and Garmin have sent Matt Barbet on an Everesting challenge, where he’ll have to climb the height of Mount Everest in one single, brutal ride, using the same ascent.

That means multiple rides up the same climb to achieve Everest’s mammoth 8,848m of elevation; a tough challenge that will require ideal preparation as well as mental strength and fortitude to achieve.

In episode three of the series, watch as Matt takes on the challenge on the climb of the Col de Braus in the south of France.

He'll have to complete 14 ascents of the climb to achieve the elevation gain he needs; not easy when riding a climb of over 10km at 6.4 per cent average gradient.

Moreover, Matt will have conquer the elements. The heat can get unbearable at times in that part of the world in the summer, so fuelling and hydrating will be key, as will getting an early start for what will potentially be a 12-hour ride.