Watch: The most anticipated cycling tech for 2020

We've gazed into our crystal ball and here's what we think the year ahead looks like

If 2020 is anything like 2019, cycling tech fans are going to be in for an absolute treat. The last year has brought us lightweight e-bikes, new cycling computers, sophisticated cycling shoes and so much more.

So, we've gazed into our crystal ball for the next year, and here's what we're predicting to be big in 2020...

CeramicSpeed Driven

The system uses CeramicSpeed bearings to reduce friction in the drivetrain

When CeramicSpeed introduced its radical Driven concept at Eurobike 2018 it took the cycling world by storm thanks to a chainless driveshaft and exquisitely machined parts.

2019 saw the company go one better and produce a rideable prototype as well as a working, shfting driveshaft. 2020 should finally see the concept come to fruition and a rideable, shifting Driven bike become a reality. Promising to be the most efficient and aerodynamic of all drivetrains, are we seeing the future?

Rideable indoor trainers

2020 is going to be the year of the proper indoor bike. With all the main indoor and training specialists including Wahoo, SRM, Stages and Wattbike introducing new, dedicated machines in the latter part of 2019, we can see more riders opting for a complete setup to improve indoor training.

Optimised to deliver the most interactive and as close to real life training experience, you can now mimic any type of riding and any type of bike using one of these machines.

3d printed saddles

The digitally printed polymer lattice provides the support and cushioning for the Fizik Adaptive

Both Fizik and Specialized promise to have some exciting new saddle tech spreading out into the mainstream next year that could see custom saddles coming to the general public.

Working in collaboration with Silicon Valley based tech firm Carbon, both brands are developing uniquely constructed saddles that does away with the traditional foam padding utilised by almost all saddle manufacturers and instead creates a latticework of polymer material that act as tiny springs to take on the role of cushioning and supporting the rider.

Rotor interchangeable power meter

Back in September Rotor unveiled a new, interchangeable power meter system.

What’s so good about this? Well, it means that you now only need one unit to swap across all your bikes, no matter the discipline. From road racing to mountain biking the new INSpider is designed to work across most brands of drivetrain and fits any existing four bolt cranksets simply and easily.

Fast aluminium wheels

(Image credit: Hunt)

With both Hunt and Prime launching new, aero tuned aluminium wheelsets it looks like it’s no longer a carbon whitewash if you want to speed up your bike. For years aero aluminium wheels were rare and pretty damn heavy but both Hunt’s 34 Aero Disc Wide and Prime’s Attaquer Road Disc weigh in at less than 1500 grams a set.

This low weight is achieved thanks to the adoption of disc brakes, enabling each brand to build lighter rims, reducing rolling weight and increasing speed. And the best thing is this comes without the associated costs of carbon.

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