First look: Ribble Endurance SLe e-bike (video)

British bike brand Ribble has launched a new road e-bike, as well as reviving many of its other ranges to offer up a premium feel to its collection

Ribble SLe

Ribble launched a host of bikes at this year's NEC Cycle Show, with some clear upgrades in terms of looks along with some tasty claims, too.

The biggest news from the launch is the inclusion of the brand new Ribble Endurance SLe, which is an all new e-road bike that looks and claims to feel closer to a standard road bike than any other e-bike on the market.

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Ribble also hails this new bike as the world's lightest e-bike available - it comes in at around 11kg complete.

The internal battery which powers the rear wheel can give between 250w right up to 750w with extra battery packs when travelling under 25kph. That is accessed via a button on the top tube that allows you to select three power settings of up 40NM.

A simple press of the power button has a green, orange or red halo to let you know which setting you are in - green being low, orange medium and red high.

No clutter is found on the handlebar and you can access all details of the system: ride, GPS, performance functionality and information via a Bluetooth connection to a new app that can be downloaded to your phone.

Ribble SLe

Great looks bike which will help you up the climbs

Ribble says that it wanted create a stealth e-bike and the challenge was to give all the benefits of a normal road bike with the assistance of an e-bike. This is because in the UK assistance stops at 25kph - a speed that is attainable for most cyclists on a flat road, whilst it's on the climbs that riders need a bit of help.

This means that when speeds exceed the 25kph limit, riders will want the light weight and great handling of a road bike - something Ribble want to offer, basing the frame off its current Endurance SL frame. Ribble claim that the geometry allows a good mix of comfort, stability and performance with enough adjustability to be either endurance based or performance based with a tweak of the setup.

Full bike and range details available on Ribble's website.

You'll be able to purchase the new Ribble Endurance SLe from £2999 for a Shimano 105 build. Shimano Ultegra follows at £3399, Ultegra Di2 at £3999 and finally SRAM eTap at £5,199. This bike is available via the Bike Builder portal so you can build as you please from £2999.

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