A man in his mid-60s has been arrested following a fatal collision involving a cyclist and an Olympic Games media bus yesterday evening, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

The incident occurred just outside the Olympic Park at the junction of Ruckholt Road and East Cross Road at approximately 7.45pm.

Police and an air ambulance attended but the cyclist, 28, died at the scene. The suspect was held on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and is currently on bail. 

The victim is yet to be identified but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was able to confirm that it was not one of the athletes taking part in the Games.

“We can confirm that a cyclist tragically died as a result of a

collision with a bus carrying media from the Olympic Park this

evening,” Games organisers LOCOG announced.

“The police are investigating and our thoughts are with the cyclist’s family,” they added.

Reports suggest that the cyclist was approaching the junction on the nearside of the bus when he became trapped underneath the vehicle as it turned left. 

After winning a gold medal in the time trial, Bradley Wiggins commented on the incident in a press conference. 

“It’s dangerous and London is a busy city and [there is] a lot of traffic. I think we have to help ourselves sometimes,” he said.

“But I think things are improving to a degree. There are organisations out there who are attempting to make the roads safer for both parties. But at the end of the day we’ve all got to co-exist on the roads.

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  • Phil Riley

    We keep getting told not to ride up on the inside of busses and lorries but what we haven’t been told is wether the bus driver was indicating his intention to turn left. That would have quite a bearing on who is to blame here. Personally I don’t go inside vehicles that are indicating left but unfortunately the fact that they are not indicating left doesn’t mean they are not going to turn left. Another example of the woeful lack of basic driving skills on display on the roads.

  • Robert

    Some very selective reporting of Wiggins’ reaction here. He is reported elsewhere as also saying that the Government should be “legalising helmets to make them the law to wear” and “Ultimately, if you get knocked off and you don’t have a helmet on, then you can’t argue. You can get killed if you don’t have a helmet on.”

    Wiggins is clearly woefully ill-informed and he does cyclists no favours by coming out with such nonsense. This especially so with regards his comment suggesting that cyclists have no grounds for taking issue with bad driving if they don’t wear a polystyrene hat, which in any case are only designed to reduce the impact load in minor falls at speeds of less than 12 Mph. It has also been reported that the cyclist died after the wheels of the bus passed over his body, so whether he was wearing a helmet or not appear to be totally irrelevant.

    Please ‘Wiggo’ stick to your racing and refrain from commenting on issue that you clearly know nothing about.