Bike accessory manufacturer Blackburn will be giving away thousands of pounds worth of free bike lights in the City of London on Monday, October 31.

With the clocks moving back an hour on Sunday, October 30, and darkness falling earlier in the evening many cycle commuters may find they are without sufficient lighting. Blackburn has generously decided to give away front and rear sets of its Click bike lights, SRP £19.99, on the corner of Queen Street and Cannon Street at 5.30pm.

Number of lights are limited, and they will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

If the scheme is a success, Backburn may extend the giveaway to other cities in the UK.

The Blackburn Click lights use two bright LEDs providing 15 lumens output. They are mounted on the bike using a stretchy silicon strap to fit any handlebar or seatpost without the need for tools.

Blackburn is distributed in the UK by Madison.

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  • BeckyD

    What a shame that no-one has posted about how pleased they are to have picked up some nice new lights for free.

    Blackburn are presumably a private company and therefore under absolutely no obligation to give out any of their products for free, let alone ensure that every cheapskate in the country gets a freebie regardless of where they live and whether they even have a bike or not.

    How can we expect such giveaways to be extended/repeated or, more importantly, local and national authorities to take complaints from cyclists about safety and infrastructure seriously if we paint ourselves as a community of whingers who complain at the drop of a hat whether we have any justification for doing so or not?

  • Richard

    Not pleased..
    As I don’t have any lights for my bike I am not using it to commute, this I thought was a good opportunity to rectify this situation.
    However, people without a bike were not being given any lights.
    So it seems the only way to get some lights was to ride my bike there illegally without any lights, or I suppose I could have pushed my bike the 2 mile journey when I heard about the giveaway. There was no warning about the rules of the giveaway in any of the promotional materials distributed by twitter and on the web, a lot of unhappy people what a waste.

  • Diane Stallwood

    First problem was those who arrived early, may well of missed out. The guys from Blackburn positioned themselves towards the rear of the waiting throng of cyclists. One person got upset with the distributors because he had locked his bike up. The rule no bike no lights was strictly enforced. I was fortunate to get a set! Great gesture, but many will not be pleased.

  • James

    Not sure how many lights they gave away but one very big throng of people and not a lot of movement or sight of new lights! Be good to know how many sets did get given away & I arrived there on time!

  • Jimmy

    And apparently you need your bike too, so standing there with all your gear is not enough for them to give you a set of lights, you actually have to physically turn up with the bike, block the pavement, create a hazard at the busiest times of the day, at one of the busiest cycle paths in london…where is the small print? (yes I am annoyed i wasted 30mins of my time…for nothing, except verbal abuse from the humble pedestrian)

  • james williamson

    so unfair it would be nice if you could give away your bike lights to scotland as well as i cycle to work every day and now its very dark when i come home it would be nice to have a set of nice lights on my bike that i can be seen please think about us guys and girls in scotland

  • jodie

    not happy that it is just around london.

  • lindataylor

    why london dosent anywhere else ride bikes

  • Jess

    Do you need to have your bike with you in order to collect the lights?

  • paula

    please can you email me if they are coming to west London (Hillingdon borough) – I have had two lots of lights stolen from my bike in the last 3 months – perhaps those that strap on/off would be a good idea so I can remove them when I shop/park the bike for more than 20mins! The cycling of late has helped me keep the weight dropping in the right direction, it would be a shame to stop now that the nights are drawing in.

  • Gail Boreham

    SO VERY UNFAIR that the FREE Blackburn bike lights are only being given away in London! I am a cyclist from Oxford (equally as busy and dangerous in the dark as London is!!) and we would like to be given the same opportunity here to get free bike lights thereby cutting down on potential accidents and government funding via the NHS if required!!

    Not happy!