Bradley Wiggins gave Great Britain its first medal in the 2013 World Championships. Tony Martin (Germany) destroyed everyone for a third time trial title and Wiggins came from behind to swipe silver from Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland).

He explained 24 hours earlier that a worlds’ title would count more than his Olympic gold medals and that it would answer his critics. He was unsure of what a silver medal would mean. He said today, the silver medal “responds to the critics”.

Wiggins said that he was at a low point after abandoning the Giro d’Italia. He said he started from scratch, rode on his own in Lancashire, filled his own bottles and repaired his own tubes. Wiggins explained: “It felt like a complete fall from grace.”

He suffered a similar blow when he broke his collarbone in the early stages of the 2011 Tour de France. He returned, placed third in the Vuelta a España and, again that year, won a silver medal behind Martin in Copenhagen. The following year was magical.

Given Martin’s ride today, the real race was for second place. Cancellara led through the first time check by 15 seconds and the second by 24 seconds. Wiggins kept constant pace in his blue shorts and white top, set off by his black Pinarello with gold letters. He reduced his deficit from Cancellara to 12 seconds at the third check and led at the final check, the finish.

“I didn’t die off or speed up, I just held the same speed, a bit like Carl Lewis used to run the 100-metre,” Wiggins said. “I rode to power, I was consistent all the way through … I was riding 450 watts the whole way, at the end I was touching 500 watts.”

Wiggins crossed the line with 1 hour, 6-22 minutes. Cancellara, black shorts with a red and white top, finished 2.25 seconds later. Martin confirmed his early time checks and flashed through 46 seconds faster than Wiggins.

Martin, when asked, would not say how many watts he was riding, but he clearly impressed Wiggins. “Tony has really good top power, he pushes a really big gear,” Wiggins said. “He’s just like the mould of Chris Boardman, he looks like he was born to do it.” Boardman is the last and only Brit to win the time trial title.

Wiggins, with the silver medal adding to wins in Britain and Poland, ends his season on a high. It is not the same high as a gold medal, what his critics would have expected from an Olympic champion, but it has value. It may become Great Britain’s only medal this week, depending on how the road races go, and it may put Wiggins on the right track for 2014.

“I’ve come a long way since the start in June. Hopefully it’s a good platform for next year,” added Wiggins. “I’ve not been thinking about next year. All the focus has been getting through this and then I’ll think about next year.”

Wiggins left and rode in the car to GB’s headquarters in Pistoia. On Friday, he will meet up with Froome and discuss how they can try to win the road race two days later, on Sunday. Afterwards, the winter starts and Wiggins considers his next move.

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  • colin

    So tell us all about your sporting achievements then roginoz ——— we’re all waiting with bated breath. What a prat!!

  • Pee Bee

    roginoz, with respect, I feel you have completely missed the point, either that, or you are trying to ape the press and create michief out of an issue which was not there in the first place. I think it is clear that Sir Wiggo was very happy to fill his bottles and to fix his own punctures as it put him back in touch with his roots and for a while he was able to step outside the bubble that is Team Sky and live in the real world again and hence have time and space to think things through. I feel he was very positive in his statement regarding these things and I am not really sure how you can think otherwise. I agree whole-heartedly with the previous two posts by Sheldon and Ian Robey. It’s good to hear some positive reactions to Sir Bradley’s career. P.S . On the subject of Froome being Wiggo’s nemesis, perhaps it is actually the other way round as the Froome media circus has seemed rather too worked up on Twitter etc. Me thinks they protest too much!

  • roginoz

    Need some ‘quiet time’, roginoz?

    If you actually knew anything about the psychology of elite performers, you’d have some semblence of understanding their reaction to defeat. Top performers are always disappointed when beaten. That’s what drives them to try to win the next time. Sorry that they didnt grab Tony Martin and lift him up on their shoulders on the podium whilst singing ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’. Both were extremely clear – and quick to say – they’d been beaten by a better man on the day.

    Sounds like you need to get out more.

    (oh and for the record, when Pendleton was accusing Meares of questionable tactics against her – which Vicky P did more than once – remind me how that was ‘gracious in defeat’?)

  • roginoz

    Such a disgrace that a knight of the realm should have to fill his own bottles and fix his own punctures…diddums…to quote an erstwhile arrogant and petulant tennis star…You cannot be serious!!! Poulidor had Anquetil,Fignon had Lemond,Ullrich had Armstrong,now Wiggins has 2 nemeses..Froome and Martin….get over it. Neither Wig or even Cancellara ,who HAD tried their best ,looked sportingly gracious in defeat as Ulle or Pendleton always did.

  • len robey

    I think Brad did a fantastic ride, given the broad spectrum of his achievements in the sport, from Olympic and world pursuit titles, to the tour win nobody will ever compare with him, and to come second to a time trial specialist with previous world titles, after the bad luck and trying to adjust to normality after last years clean sweep is nothing short of a miracle, and I have loved and followed the sport for 60 years.

  • Sheldon

    That was a good ride by Wiggins, what I like about Wiggins is that he’s a true cyclist. We will miss his class when he stops racing but you can bet he will be out on his bike enjoying riding, having a brew and doing the odd local TT. I hope he has a good race on Sunday, he is without doubt a class act and we will look back on his performances as a golden time for British cycling. I don’t know why some people knock him, let’s all show some appreciation for his performances and achievements. A great ride by Martin a worthy champion.