The Olympic test event, the London-Surrey Cycle Classic, is set to go ahead as planned on Sunday (August 14) despite the recent unrest in London.

“Nothing has changed,” LOCOG spokesperson Fran Edwards told Cycling Weekly. “We’re in constant discussion with the Metropolitan Police about this [the recent disturbances].”

How many police and volunteers will there be on the route, and will there be more than usual? “We don’t give out policing figures or discuss safety measures,” she replied.

The road race is considered to be one of the most difficults event to stage and police, considering the wide-reaching course, road closures and strict security needed.

In light of the disorder in parts of London, several competitive football matches have been postponed or cancelled, including England’s international fixture against the Netherlands on Wednesday.

The Olympic test event for beach volleyball is taking place in central London today, as planned.

Edwards also confirmed that none of the race route has been directly affected by the rioting.

The 140km course starts on the Mall, heading west out of the captital through Westminster, across the Thames to Putney and out into Surrey.

***Cycling Weekly understands the highlights from the race will be shown on the BBC at a later date.

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  • EnnBee

    Schedule for Sunday:

    The Mall (restricted access)– start 09:00 and finish 12:10
    Fulham – 09:05 and 12:05
    Putney – 09:10 and 12:00
    Richmond Park – 09:15 and 11:55
    Richmond – 09:20
    Bushy Park – 09:30
    Hampton Court Palace – 09:35 and 11:40
    Walton-on-Thames – 09:45
    Ripley Village – 10:05
    Gomshall – 10:25
    Westcott – 10:30
    Dorking – 10:35
    Box Hill (restricted access) – between 10:40 and 11:20
    Esher – 11:35
    Kingston upon Thames – 11:50

  • John Pitt

    Lots of useful information about Sunday’s (Olympic trial) road race (Cavendish racing etc), but no information about times. We are coming down from Yorkshire to London for the race, and a timetable (notably the start time) would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Griff

    Is it going to be on TV anywhere????