Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) president Juan Carlos Castaño has confirmed that triple Tour winner Alberto Contador will be informed of the provisional verdict on his clenbuterol positive case on Thursday.

Speaking on Wednesday, Castaño said “we’re not going to delay this any longer. It’s gone on for too long.”

Castaño was also highly critical of the UCI’s prolongued delay in producing any kind of reaction to the documents for the Contador case, which the RFEC sent to Switzerland on December 10.

“There’s been a prolongued delay on their part in sending us any kind of opinion,” Castaño said, “that’s particularly surprising given they’ve demanded us to be be quick about it.”

“First they sit on the case for two months before sending us a request to open up an investigation [on November 8], and then there’s been all this delay when we requested their advice.”

After weeks of speculation, Castaño’s confirmation that the provisional verdict will appear Thursday is the first time a named Spanish Federation official has directly admitted that the case will begin to be resolved.

However, the provisional verdict is supposed to be secret, giving Contador and his lawyers ten days to make any appeals. After that, the official verdict will then appear, almost certainly between February 10-15.

The initial ban is widely expected to be a year, although the final decision will almost certainly be made by CAS, the International Court of Sports Arbritration, at some point later this season.

Contador’s defence is said to include 13 different scientific reports on his clenbuterol positive. Opinions amongst WADA officials have been very varied as to whether it can be justified with some saying that the risk of a positive from contaminated meat, whilst others appear to disagree.

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  • ross

    What a mess. Why were the original findings kept secret for so long? Was a differant machine used to test the samples as was first reported? Why was Pat McQuaid publicly commenting on an on-going investigation? I can’t understand how the UCI can state, before the Spainish federation has even released its’ findings, that they will appeal if they’re not happy? Had the UCI already decided he was guilty/ not guilty based on the evidence they kept secret for two months? Why the one year ban, thought it was two? Will the ban start from the date the UCIs hand was forced by the German media or from a point in time of thier choice? What about any other person banned for similar [alledged] abuse? Where was the original leak from? this whole saga has gone on for too long, been made a political tool by some people who should behave in a more proffessional manner [including riders, management and the UCI] and in no way has the sport of cycling looked good or indeed promoted an image of being able to deal proffesionally, objectively, fairly and swiftly with a very important; high profile case. Whatever your feelings about Contador himself and his offense, i must, with regret, say that cheat or not, victim of political ambition or personal dislike, liar and fraud or unfortunate innocent, he is the only person to conduct himself in an adult and proffesional manner, one or two early press conferances and then no comment. In my opinion he has handled himself with as much decourum as could expected, cheat or not.

  • theswordsman

    The UCI is the Lance Armstrong of sports organizations. They kept this quiet for a month, telling Contador it was a clear case of food contamination that would be handled internally. The the WADA Lab breeched confidentiality and Pat McQuaid made it all political, giving misinformation about this request and pursuing his own agenda against Spanish Cycling