A male cyclist has died after colliding with a double decker bus near Aldgate East station, London, on Wednesday evening. It’s the fifth cyclist fatality in the past nine days, and the 13th in 2013.

The man collided with the bus at 11.30pm on Wednesday evening. He was taken to hospital but died in the early hours of Thursday morning after sustaining severe head injuries.

His death comes less than 24 hours after a woman died after colliding with a lorry on Bow roundabout. Around a thousand cyclists gathered on Bow roundabout on Wednesday evening for a peaceful protest at the recent spate of deaths in London.

Both of the two latest fatalities occurred on the controversial Cycle Superhighway 2.

All five of the cyclist fatalities have involved lorries or buses.

Tuesday, November 5 
Brian Holt, 62, killed on Mile End Road after colliding with tipper lorry.

Friday, November 8
Francis Golding, 69, killed in Holborn after colliding with coach.

Tuesday, November 12
Roger William de Klerk, 43, killed outside East Croydon station after colliding with bus.

Wednesday, November 13
Venera Minakhmetova, 24, killed on Bow roundabout after colliding with lorry.

Thursday, November 14
Man, 21, dies after colliding with double decker bus outside Aldgate East station.

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  • Pete

    I agree with Robert. I read this on a forum earlier today:

    “Surely we should all be angry with a system which prioritises the most greedy, wasteful and deadly mode of transport, which not only kills and maims in huge numbers but which also locks millions in to dependency on it, harming their freedom and health?”

  • Joe

    Cycling on puclic roads inside the city must be banned

  • Sid

    “Collided with a bus”, “colliding with a lorry”. Has Nigel Wynn ever ridden a bike? Does he not see how ridiculous his words read to anyone who’s ever ridden a bike?

  • Speedybrear

    I been cycling more in two years and I was so shocked drivers left cyclist to die.now the government and the council should wake up right now.

  • Ken Evans

    A map displaying the location of the incidents would be useful.

  • JM

    They were all killed by large vehicles. I can’t help wondering if there has been an element of rider error here. Large vehicles have a number of driver blind spots. If you cannot see his mirror he cannot see you. Also if you get immediately in front of an HGV on the passenger side the driver cannot see you from his driving position. Turning large vehicles ‘cut the corner’. This is something that a lot of people including very many drivers do not appreciate.

    I suspect that both cyclists and drivers need educating about each other.

  • Robert

    It is time for Boris Johnson to stand by his convictions and ban all movements of HGVs in London during peaks times, such as the morning and evening ‘rush hours’.

  • Brian Turpin

    Another dreadful incident and I urge all riders in London to join the London Cycling Campaign to keep the pressure on the authorities to provide safer cycle routes.
    I’d also like to see more guidance on safer cycling as I’m concerned that younger and less experienced cyclists may be especially vulnerable.
    This is particularly the case at the Bow roundabout where the blue super highway acts as a magnet to lure the unwary onto probably the most dangerous junction in Europe for the urban cyclist