Graeme Obree has taken his human powered vehicle (HPV) world speed record attempt one step further with a test at Prestwick Airport, near Glasgow.

Obree’s self-made machine for the attempt – nicknamed ‘Beastie’ – is now in the final stages of completion. Gone is the old transparent fairing, replaced with a sleek fibreglass and Kevlar outer skin painted in light blue.

One of the problems with the previous, all-enclosed design was that Obree struggled to breathe in enough air. A typical Obree solution has been found – a small air intake has been added to the nose of the fairing connected to a sink waste pipe, which Obree places in his mouth via an attached snorkel mouthpiece.

The Prestwick Airport test run saw Obree push up to speeds of around 50mph in a cross-headwind and without the top section of the fairing. This is already not far short of the British HPV speed record of 63mph. The current world record stands at 82.819mph clocked by Sam Whittingham at Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA in 2009.

Further tweaks will be made by Obree to his design, with more testing over the next few months before a date is set for the record attempt.

For the full article on Graeme Obree’s HPV world speed record attempt see Rick Robson’s piece in this week’s Cycling Weekly magazine (June 27 2013 issue)

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  • Richard Thorpe Designer Gocycle

    I wish I had the time and resources to help. Graham seems to have brought fresh thinking and determination to bare on the problem and I sincerely hope he gets to battle mountain to see what man and machine can do.

  • Ken Evans

    I think Graeme is fabulous, he takes re-cycling to a whole different dimension ! It would be great if he could do 150 Kph (93 mph). With all the GB racers (and some support staff from BC) getting honours from the Queen, it disappoints me Graeme doesn’t have more government recognition. Britain needs to treasure its innovators and tinkerers, they are Watt created the Industrial Revolution.

  • allan

    The guy is brilliant. A complete star and I have total admiration for what he has done over the years and continues to do so with things like this.

  • colnago dave

    Looking at the pictures it could only be Graeme, see the bananas sticking out his pocket

  • lee

    Obree is an absolute legend both as a world class rider but most definitely a world class inventor/engineer.

    Would be fantastic if there is a documentary about his development of the beastie and his world record attempt. That would be a real pleasure to watch.

    I had the pleasure of attending one of his seminar’s about design and he had everyone in the room rivetted with his stories and details…. chapeau graeme.