Jason Kenny has been crowned 2011 world individual sprint champion following a retrospective ban imposed on Frenchman Gregory Bauge.

Bauge beat Kenny 2-0 in the gold medal final in Apeldoorn last March, but following a decision by the Fédération Française Cyclisme on November 8 to ban Bauge, the result has now been amended by the UCI.

It is Kenny’s first world title. The young Brit is Olympic champion in the team sprint, but until now had never won a world title.

Sir Chris Hoy has moved up from the bronze medal position to silver. The French team has also been disqualified from the team sprint, in which they won gold. Germany move up to gold, Great Britain to silver and Australia to bronze.

Bauge missed one test and twice ‘breached applicable requirements regarding rider availability’ within an 18 month period, and has now been given a one-year back-dated ban from December 23, 2010 to December 22, 2011 by his national federation.

The decision by the French federation went largely un-noticed at the time, and when Bauge pulled out of the Cali world cup on Nov 30, staff on the French team told others that it was down to a back injury.

Kenny had not been informed of the decision before the UCI sent out it’s press release today, so learnt of his victory when Cycling Weekly confirmed the news with his coach Iain Dyer. Kenny was midway through a three hour track training session when the amended result was confirmed, this coming after a two-hour gym session in the morning.

Although Kenny won’t get to enjoy the plaudits that come from standing on the top step of the podium, the decision does help GB in the Olympic sprint qualification process. He will be given the gold medal and world champions jersey, although the UCI’s track coordinator, Giles Peruzzi was unsure as to exactly how that would happen.

Bauge, who also won the 2009 and 2010 world sprint titles will be free to compete at the Beijing world cup next weekend, the world championships in Melbourne this April, and the London Olympics.

Sir Chris Hoy was the last Briton to win the men’s individual sprint world title at the Manchester track worlds in 2008. Previous to Hoy, Reg Harris was the last Briton to win the title in 1954.

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  • Bo Griffith

    Neither rider Bauge or Cavendish have tested positive for anything. However both riders have broken the rules on testing. The rules need to be clearer.

  • Ken Evans

    I don’t understand the penalty,
    Bauge raced in 2011,
    is it just his 2011 results that have been removed ?

    Will he be able to race in the 2012 Olympics ?

    The muscle size of some riders can make it look
    as if they have been using chemical assistance.

    I think the out-of-competition testing system needs improvement,
    as there have been several cases where there has been confusion
    about the real location of the rider e.g. Rasmussen.

    A public warning to the national federation of the rider for a first and second
    missed tests, would make it clear that the rider was in danger of getting a penalty.

    The UCI could use a points system for doping offences,
    similar to the UK driving points method,
    where too many points equals a driving ban.

    Different doping offences could result in different points numbers,
    once a certain level was reached,
    the rider could be banned for life from UCI races.

  • Steve

    Great for jason. Bauge has been at the top for a long time – I wonder what the fallout will be. Complete denial of any wrongdoing and free to compete in the Olympics? Ironic for Millar!


    Congrats to Jason, pity he couldnt get to enjoy it on the day……. A one year back dated ban……..WHY? which the French try to but down as a back pain………. WHY?


  • Geoff Waters (Durban, South Africa)

    In 1954 Reg Harris won the UCI pro match sprint title and Cyril Peacock, also of GB, won the amateur match sprint world title. The worlds in that year were held in Cologne, West Germany. This result was a unique double for GB. As to retrospective bans for dope infringements…why are riders not suspended from competition pending a final decision? That match sprinting in particular involves two-up deciders makes retrospective adjustment of results simply ‘clipboard bureaucracy’ and inspires little confidence in initial results. How likely is it that the current system will make nonsense of the results of cycling events at the 2012 LOndon Olympics?

  • Joe

    Congratulations another WC jersey in the UK!!! Awesome!!!