There’s good news if you are already suffering withdrawl symptoms from no Tour de France on the TV.

As part of its Call of the Wild series, BBC 4 are showing three cycling films tonight (Tuesday, July 27). They kick off at nine o’clock with ‘Ride of My Life: The Story of the Bicycle’, in which author Rob Penn travels the world collecting parts to create his ideal handbuilt bike.

Next up at 10 pm is ‘Death on the Mountain’, the story of the only British elite world road race champion, Tom Simpson’s death during the 1967 Tour de France. And the evening rounds off at 11 pm with ‘Thoroughly Modern Machine’, part of a series that examines Edwardian technology, tonight’s episode looks at the role of the bike in transport and social mobility.

The cycling them continues on BBC 4 tomorrow, Wednesday (July 28), with a screening of the animated movie, Belleville Rendezvous, set in the fifities it’s about a bike mad French youth’s adventure in taking part in the Tour de France.

The following programmes from BBC4’s ‘bike night’ are currently available on BBC iPlayer for a limited period (click on the links to view):

Britain by Bike>>

Ride of My Life: The Story of the Bicycle>>

Thoroughly Modern: The Bicycle>>

NB: ‘Death on the Mountain’ is not available to watch vie BBC iPlayer.

  • Dave

    Thanks John!

  • John Brennan

    Anyone like me who missed them and can’t get iplayer they are being repeated 10 p.m today 28th – Belleville Rendevous; 1.15 a.m. 29th – Ride of my Life; 2.15 a.m. 29th Death on the Mountain.

  • Tim

    What an evening of cycling that was. Super viewing all round, particularly Robert Penn’s programme. Great!

  • arronski

    ‘Ride of My Life: The Story of the Bicycle’, was a great little story very interesting to cyclists, i only wish i had the money to build a one off custom bike that way.

    His visits to some off the iconic bike factories in Europe and America was uplifting, and i want a holiday in Portland now… (bike friendly or what)

    The programes are repeated tonight late on BBC4 for anyone that missed them!

  • Roger

    Thanks CW and thanks to Nick , it included Clare meeting Barry Hoban.

  • Nick Rearden

    Don’t forget Clare Balding cycling around Britain before all these at 8.30pm. Same channel: BBC4

  • arronski

    Thanks for heads up….the simpson doco is a classic but very sad.
    and the Belleville Rendezvous movie is a masterpiece of animation !