Anthony Da Costa was left with a bruised brain and fractured skull when cyclist Reeve Allen jumped a red light and hit him in the City of London

Cyclist Reeve Allen, 26, was handed an £850 fine by Hammersmith Magistrates Court on Tuesday, February 9, after he jumped a red light and left a city worker in a coma for six days.

The incident happened near London Wall on June 30 last year, with Anthony Da Costa, 34, suffering a bruised brain and a fractured skull in the collision.

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Westminster resident Mr Da Costa was knocked unconscious, but was given CPR by a doctor who was reportedly buying a coffee nearby. He says he was warned by surgeons that he may not fully recover from his brain injuries.

He’s quoted in the Evening Standard as saying: “In August the neurosurgeon warned that certain aspects of myself may never be the same and that if I had half the level of energy by December it would be equivalent to an Olympic achievement — that is why I believe my recovery was miraculous.

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“At this stage the only obvious consequence is that I have lost my sense of smell completely and that also affects taste.”

Reeve, of Nuneaton, was fined £850 and ordered to pay costs of £150 and a victim surcharge of £85 after pleading guilty to cycling without due care and attention and causing serious injury.

  • WisSkier

    My state allows us to move through red-lights after stopping and about 45 seconds without a light change and when the way is clear. I can’t say I’ve seen a “cyclist” blow through a redlight, but I’ve seen “bicyclists” mosey and meander through them.

    Every group I ride with fully honors the lights.

  • ummm…

    Yes one must take care. That SF custody was trying to get a KOM on strava. It could be u or I, as I’ll jump a red, but with GREAT care. When I ride London in so scared tho. Nyc is so much more safe. But as cyclist we have to be willing to take responsibility

  • WisSkier

    My thoughts exactly, anytime there is a car-cyclist incident the cyclist community is screaming for blood. I recall a story from San Francisco where a cyclist went through an intersection at high speed and ending up killing a man, he was found guilty of manslaughter type charge/charges (IIRC he plead guilty to the charge).

    I feel for city cyclists but you are not the small user of the roadways there, take care.

  • ummm…

    we would expect more of a punishment if it was car or pedestrian on cyclist related injuries. I’m sure my logic is flawed to some degree, but it is disappointing that the cyclists liability for severely changing this guys quality of life is only to the tune of 1k