It’s high time someone developed easy-on, easy-off, road guards that are low profile enough to fit a race frame, with zero rattle. Pete ‘Mr Crud’ Tomkins, the brains behind one of the simplest and most successful mountain bike guards of all time, might have just done it.

The superslim, superlight Crud Roadracer has a number of neat and unique features. First off it is slim enough to pass under the fork crown and rear brake bridge rather than just butting up against the fork or brake caliper. This should enable it to perform more like a traditional guard.

The safety stays will, reassuringly, break away should anything become jammed; important up front, where a snagged mudguard would otherwise see you sailing over the bars. The best ideas are often the simplest, and the Crud Roadracer uses nothing more than a brush strip, alongside the rim, to eliminate rattle, with the additional benefit of cleaning away grit from the braking surface. The rubber O-ring mounts are a familiar and effective way to keep fitting simple, fast and tool-less.

Roadracer mudguards

Compatible with 23-25c tyres, and we’re told, almost indestructible, for £27.99, the Crud Roadracer should be in the shops right about now.

We’re genuinely excited the Crud Roadracer guard might well be the best looking, lightest and simplest solution to the age-old quandary between a dry backside and a fashion faux pas.

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  • Ian

    Agree with Chris just ordered new rear section of rear mudguard after it fell off on the way to work


    Crud roadracer mudguards.. Retweeted it 🙂

  • Chris

    Brought a set of these and the tie wrap which holds the o rings which you then reuse had been pulled through to far so i wasnt able to reuse it and had to go out and buy some more, also after only using them to commute for 2 days the tail flap has fallen off somewhere, (the guards come with a central body piece and a front and rear flap you have to screw on) concept seems good, there is no rattle but just seems a little poorly made and packed

  • Craig Hamilton

    Would not fit when Vittoria Saffiro 25mm tyres were on my Felt Z35 bike. Put on Schwalbe Blizzard 23mm tyres and with a lot of careful upwards bending of the rear detachable section nearest the seat tube when off the bike finally managed to keep it clear of the rear tyre. No trouble with fitting on the front tyre. How long the brushes on the stays will last is anyone’s guess. A good idea but not yet 100%. Agree with comments of Cliff Dobson.

  • Cliff Dobson

    Potentially a great solution for those who want to use a summer bike on better days in Winter, but beware:
    Unlikely to be successful with 25mm tyres – just too tight.
    May need to move computer magnet away from rim to prevent snagging on stays.
    Liable to snap at the mounting point if you try to ease them away from tyre under bridge.fork crown. Do NOT use any force.
    Stingy manufacturer – could include a set of spare cable ties, thumbnuts and O rings at the price? Few pence is all we are talking about