John Stevenson of has had his Twitter account suspended for allegedly making threatening remarks towards another journalist over controversial article

Police have begun an investigation into alleged death threats made on Twitter towards the Telegraph’s commodities editor, Andrew Critchlow, by news editor John Stevenson.

Stevenson, who has worked across a number of publications, asked on Twitter: “Can someone please just have Andrew Critchlow taken out and shot? Thx.”

The threat came after Critchlow posted a controversial blog on the Telegraph website that said cyclists were equally to blame for traffic accidents as car drivers were, and has said he went on to receive further threats from other Twitter users after Stevenson’s outburst.

40-year-old Critchlow, who has raced in the past for Great Britain, then went on to contact Stevenson’s local police force over the matter, after the journalist went onto make further provocative comments when he was approached about removing his original tweet.

The case was then passed on to the Metropolitan Police to deal with, while Stevenson has also been reported to Twitter who suspended his account.

A spokesperson for Twitter reportedly said on the matter:

“We have suspended the reported account for violating Twitter rules on posting violent threats.

“If contacted by law enforcement directly, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue.”

Critchlow, who writes columns regularly on cycling for the Telegraph, told the newspaper he was amazed that such threats could be made between journalists.

“I have reported from some of the most dangerous places in the world including Baghdad and Basra,” he said.

“Yet this is the first time in my journalistic career that I have genuinely been in fear over something I have written.

“I just hope some cycling campaigner doesn’t decide to hit me over the head with a metal bar in the next few days.

“That a fellow journalist should threaten the life of another reporter in such away is staggering.”

Update have since commented on the situation, with editor Tony Farrelly saying: “The Tweets in question were made from John’s personal account which is nothing to do with so I’m rather bemused as to why the Telegraph felt the need to repeatedly mention us in their story. I would also be interested to know how the Telegraph justifies wasting police time over what is clearly not a death threat. As far as I’m aware the police have not been in touch with John over the matter.”

You can read our response to Andrew Critchlow’s controversial blog, here.

  • John Smith

    Tongue in cheek The torygraph is now a right rag

  • Downfader

    He’s blocked a number of high profile journalists (some cycle writers too) and campaigners that disagreed with him. He responds to criticism by spamming links to his articles, and irrelevant ones at that. I agree with others here – he’s making an attempt to silence critics.

    What John Stevenson said was naughty, but it was out of frustration with the way Critchlow conducted himself and the bizarre rants he went off on in Telegraph articles (some of which will rile the blood and could put us in danger – why deliberately try and piss off drivers against riders with lack of evidence and over-conflation?).

  • din05aur

    Interesting in the article he complains about people being reported to the Police for putting peoples lives at actual risk and he does just the same on the grounds someone used a phrase used all the time by the Telegraph in its own articles. I think he is more interested in silencing his critics than anything else, he has apparently blocked lots of people on twitter who have done little more than highlight this hypocrisy.

  • Andy Kennedy

    That’s not a death threat, it’s a question. But I suppose it’s unreasonable to expect the police to have the intelligence to realise that.

  • fredflint

    If Critchlow is so humourless that he interprets that tweet as a serious threat, I would pity him, but actually, he’s just trying to silence his critics. Trying to portray himself as a little guy up against The Man (you know, all us dangerous cycling advocates) is fatuous. His Telegraph article made the laughable assertion that cyclists are more lawless than motorists, a ‘fact’ I had to remind myself of this evening as I was nearly T-boned by a lorry charging through a red light fully 3 seconds after my light had gone green.

  • Christian Ward

    That is utterly ridiculous!

  • Jay Kay

    FFS…handbags at dawn….pussy!