Because what is life if you can't live a little frivolously

1. This retro espresso cup set


If anything, it creates a perfect excuse for you to impress your friends with your knowledge of 80s cycling teams.

Buy now: Cycling espresso cups at Cycling Souvenirs from £15

2. Anything made by Assos

Assos Jacket

Because a bib shorts and jacket combo that costs near enough £400 can’t not be good…right?

3. A power meter

Even firms such as hi-fi specialists Pioneer are getting in on the act these days (Watson)

Sure, it’d be nice to know how many Watts you put out when you PB’d Box Hill the other day, or what your power to weight ratio actually is. But is it worth dropping £1k for? Probably.

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Buy now: Powermeters at Evans Cycles from £379

4. The Rapha headphones made of African Hair Sheep Leather

rapha headphones

These really don’t have anything to do with cycling whatsoever. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t let everyone know how much you love cycling through the medium of luxury branded headphones. Plus you’ll look the business like Mr Kennaugh here, and if that wasn’t enough, African Hair Sheep Leather is surely the clincher.

5. 53/39 chainrings


Is there anything more pro? There’s nothing necessary about struggling up a hill on a Sunday club ride on a 39 chainring, but let’s not let a thing like necessity or creaking knees get in the way.

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6.  These personalised frame stickers


The cycling equivalent of having your mum sew your name into your underwear. But how else will everyone know who the owner is of that bitchin’ bike.

7. Electronic gears

sram etap vs di2

As ably explained here. But think of the crisp shifting…

Buy now:

8. Deep section wheels

Wheels are Zipp 60s, 58mm deep aero section with aluminium brake tracks

Why spend £1k or more to potentially get blown off the road by a crosswind? Because I look bloody fantastic, that’s why.

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>>> Do you need deep section wheels?

9. The latest version of a bike you already own

Canyon Aeroad CF SLX aero bike
It’s got an integrated bar and stem and is 10 grams lighter. You had me at integrated.

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10. An aero helmet and/or speedsuit

Aerosuit Cannondale studio shot
Probably not as comfortable, probably not as good pockets for storing your stuff, but come on, think of the Watt saving.

11. Strava premium


What really is a suffer score and why do I need to know it? Both questions you should erase from your mind as you enter your credit card number and prepare to obsess over your self-set yearly mileage target.

  • James Mounsey

    why shouldn’t you pay for strava? it takes time and effort to build and maintain a site like that. if you use a service and you like it….pay for it? in the grand scheme of things its not that expensive.

  • Donald
  • Horia Popan

    My opinion:
    1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 not really required

    5 -might be required depending on what you do and how good you are as a cyclist (racing on flats, triathlons)

    3, 8 – important for time trialing and racing, they will give you an advantage at any level (Ironman competitions require pacing yourself not to blow you legs before the run so power meter is a good tool to have)

    I would add to the list of not really required:
    12 – disk brakes
    13 – aero bikes
    14 – fat bikes

    But than again at the end of the day is your money and anything makes you happy is a “must have”.

  • barraob1

    Strava premium is a must, suffer score, telling you when segments start so you can not do them.

  • Charlie

    53/39 chainrings are necessary if you want to race. A power meter is necessary to train properly. Aero kit makes a big difference and aero wheels are the biggest advantage you can get. There is no need to buy electronic these days because most 11 speed groups work perfectly well; especially for the price. Everything else is something you can get if you have the money to spend. There are so many better options for headphones as well, don’t know who would want them

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    Strava Premium? I call it ‘Suffer Score Delay’, but never pay for it. Every x months or so I get offered a free trial, I always accept. Then I can see my suffer score (what is a suffer score?) from every ride I’ve ever done. Cancel it before you have to pay then wait for the next ‘free trial’ to be offered again.

  • llos25

    Re the electric groupset is it true that those without cables are not unique and if you have two or three riders with the same groupset you can change each other’s gears .it happened today on a training ride.

  • Gordon

    haha have 3 Assos bibshorts, yes they are definitely worth every cent/penny. Strava Premium for the stats and EPS cos thats what was on the bike, but now that I have it would not go back to cables. As for the rest… meh

  • Stevo

    What is “pro” about 53/39 chainrings? A 42 small ring was pretty standard not that long ago and people didn’t have a problem with it.

  • Eden Walker

    Sorry MISTAKE ALERT….. STRAVA Premium is essential and i already have those coffee cups and don’t use them i prefer something that can hold three shots

  • Josh Saxe

    Rookie move not including the link to the espresso cups….

  • Michael

    Power meters are not £1k any more.

    You don’t need one – but then aside from shelter, food, clothing and water you don’t need anything.

    It’s definitely a much more useful thing, imo, than many of the things cyclists routinely buy without anyone suggesting they aren’t necessary (Or even a few that are in this list. I’d argue that a power meter is a better buy than di2, for example. Given how good mechanical 105 is)