People on Twitter aren't reacting well to the fact that Garmin Connect is currently down for maintenance

Who would have thought that a little technical problem with Garmin Connect would cause so many people so much grief?

Connect has been down for much of Thursday, with the guys at Garmin working their fingers to the bone trying to get it working again, but that doesn’t seem to appease dedicated Garmin users.

All around the world, people are unable to upload their data immediately after their ride or run – although some people are simply using the down time as an excuse to have a rest day.

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As usual, Twitter is the go-to place to vent your frustration with the inconvenience caused by the connectivity outage. Here are a few of the tweets that sum up the situation well.

Remember guys, you can still exercise without your Garmin (other products are available), and a short wait before uploading your data probably won’t kill you. Still, it’s nice not to have to take that risk…

  • Houlie

    II didn’t like Garmin Connect when it was first rolled out as it was very temperamental. I still use the laptop based Training Centre and upload tcx files to Strava, thus cutting Garmin Connect out of the loop. It works for me 😉

  • Stevo

    How many people regularly use the internet? A billion maybe? How many people are involved in this non-story? “cod”, “Laura Bell”, “Stuart Threlfall” and a couple of others? The internet is not “going mental”.

  • Nigel Rue

    I think my Garmin and my computer have had a divorce. There is absolutely no communication between them anymore.

  • TheRealJMcD

    I don’t see any excuse for this. Software development cycles have been well understood for decades. In spite of the fact that Garmin has always been a software based operation, they handle it ineptly. Their software is under-developed, their documentation is atrocious, and their customer service is no better. They make cool gadgets, but they have yet to learn how to support them. Some people blame these things on the CIO and project managers. I think the problem is top executives who are taking as bonuses the money that should be invested in IT. Speaking from experience.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Yawnnnnnn – best thing possible

  • Ed E W

    Strava = NO.
    Correct answer = TrainingPeaks / WKO.

  • J1

    It’s called a USB cable….and a computer….and Strava.

  • Ed E W

    I dislike all these new cyclists, that’s why I don’t wave to other riders anymore.

  • Junyr73

    Eh… It all saves on the device and will upload when it’s up. Not that big of a deal.

  • Kristy Halseth

    I have one of these and I sometimes go a couple days without updating. What I find really funny is that people commenting are not doing the normal thing, which is to rip apart the writer for horrible journalism and rip each others opinions apart. Instead I’m seeing comments that prove that vivofit users are just using this as another platform to worry about not connecting. Even thought I am hoping I can upload when I get home, I’m still finding it very funny.

  • Roger Fleming

    Still not working.

  • Mark James

    I actually had to phyiscally connect my Garmin to my laptop, how very retro!

  • Andrew Bairsto

    Unbelievable that people cannot run their lives themselves.

  • Adam Beevers

    That explains it! I finally get my phone to connect, now the site goes down!!