German innovators Möve Bikes claim their revolutionary drive system will improve cycling efficiency by 50%

Last week we featured a Belgian chap who claimed to have reinvented the wheel, but now some German engineers are claiming to be reinventing the whole bike.

Möve Bikes say their innovative CyFly drive system will improve pedalling efficiency by 50%, claiming only one third of the energy expended in the pedalling motion is transformed into movement.

While the designers have given away very little about how their idea will actually work so far, they have provided this handy picture on their website, for any budding engineers out there to decipher.

Triangle of forces diagram from the Möve Bikes website

Triangle of forces diagram from the Möve Bikes website

“Most of the force [when pedalling] puts pressure on the bottom bracket, where it is wasted. We use this otherwise unutilized energy and transform it into locomotion as well,” Möve say on their website.

“CyFly as an individually adapted component can make any conventional bicycle, racing bike, downhill bike, cargo bike or e-bike significantly more efficient. Depending on the gear ratio, the extra torque can make pedaling easier or be transformed into a higher speed.

“Exactly how all this works will remain our secret for now.”

Watch this space for any further announcements.

  • David Chadderton

    “Pressure on the bottom bracket”? Torque Nm, or, ft lb if you are not metrication, is applied through the pedals to the gearing system, nothing to do with fluid pressure in pounds per square inch, bars or kN/m2.
    Looks a it as though a planetary circulating second chainring is being suggested. The chain will have fun following that.
    Anyway, should it work at all, the UCI will ban it for competition won’t they?

  • Dave2020

    Most of the force [when pedalling correctly] puts little pressure on the bottom bracket, so that it is not wasted, but transmitted to the back wheel, exactly as you want.