Great Britain looks set to qualify for just three places in the men’s elite road race in Melbourne later this year.

Mark Cavendish of HTC-Columbia is set to be the team leader for the race on Sunday, October 3.

And he will have the backing of just two British team-mates – unless there’s a remarkable change in the world and Europe Tour rankings before the qualification deadline on August 15.

Last week, CW reported that Great Britain could get six places but it seems very unlikely.

The top ten nations in the UCI world ranking are each allocated nine places in the men’s road race. Nations ranked lower than that get three places. Great Britain are currently 14th on 255 points – 88 points adrift of 10th-placed Germany. The only World Ranking events left before the qualification deadline are the Tour of Poland and Vattenfalls Cyclassics in Germany.

In the Europe Tour, Britain are ranked 21st. The top nations in the Europe Tour can have six riders in the race.

So, as it stands, Great Britain will be able to nominate five riders, with three starting the race. And it’s very unlikely the situation will change by August 15.

One man who won’t be there is Bradley Wiggins, who has said he is not riding the World Championships this year.

Last year Great Britain qualified for nine places for the road race in Mendrisio – mainly because of Mark Cavendish’s Milan-San Remo, Giro d’Italia and Tour de France wins and Wiggins’s fourth place overall in the Tour.

  • simon phipps

    rules is rules and perhaps Team Sky have not performed with there top uci ranked rider Bradley Wiggins with only 18 points it is easily to see why we are short of points, but perhaps a better distribution of riders per team my make it better.

  • John Dee

    Nice idea Dave Morley – but name 2 Brits who can go the distance and then help Mark in the last 3K never mind the last 1k and the final 300metres? Now Italy – well they’ll have a really big choice as will Belgium as will virtually any other nation that matters.

    Cav will have to ride for himself and look for the repayment of favours!

  • Dave Morley

    With only three riders, and Cav already chosen as team leader, let him pick the two riders who will work with him in the race.

  • Ken Evans

    “One man who won’t be there is Bradley Wiggins,
    who has said he is not riding the World Championships this year.”

    Who will ride the TT ?, David Millar ?

  • Andy

    Quote/”Why didn’t Team Sky target the Europe Tour events with Froome, Downing, Swift, Stannard and Kennaugh and maybe even Thomas to make sure of at least six places?”

    No point, because riders from ProTour teams can’t score points on non ProTour events!!

  • John Dee

    Project Rainbow Jersey???!!! Not a very well thought out project Mr Brailsford for a country with the hottest prospect ever for a Pro Road Title – Mark Cavendish. So poor old Cav will now be left to look for favours from his trade team mates and any other allies he may have but no doubt when he crosses the line first the DS of Team Sky will be the first to congratulate him! Now let’s think about this was there a plan early on in the season to sacrifice any Team Sky British riders to gain points to get more representatives on the start line in Melbourne for Cav. Commercialy of course the answer would have to be NO but for the sake of ones country?

  • Roger

    I did comment that this was the situation when six places were suggested last week. Rules changed this year.
    Sorry, ‘should be coach’, as a protour team Sky riders cannot earn points in the Euro tour. it’s only the two levels of continental teams. The only British riders eligable for earning pints in this way ride for Cervelo,Rapha, Raleigh, Motorpoint, Sigma and Endura.

    Now if Sky had a seperate developmnet team this would count.
    In fact just what is needed to bridge the gap between the academy and the protour team.

  • old hedgey

    We all know how the World’s has a sub-plot regarding who is riding for who. Cav can win this, at the moment he is 40/1 with Wm. Hill for Sports Personality. Might just be worth a punt

  • Mike

    I realise this may border on paranoia but I dont think the cycling authorities want the Brits to do well.

    Firstly they drop some of our best Olympic disciplines. Then they ban our track equipment. Then they change the qualification criteria so we have less participants, even though most were medalists.

    Last year at the Tour Cav loses his points for cutting up Thor (We all know he did not) so losing the Green jersey.

    This year Renshaw gets kicked out of the race for doing what Zabel was only relegated to last place for in an earlier Tour. And Cav loses his last lead out man. Two guys were FIGHTING at the finish, did they get kicked out, did they hell.

    No. Lets face it. They dont want the Brits winning the world road race championship, and with this years being a sprinters course who would win with even a half decent team?

    Bah humbug.

  • borderfox

    sounds like those blazer wearing old farts have done it again with project lets not let little Cav win what next sorry Mark your from the Isle of Man so you cant ride get a life and bring cycling into the 21st century like you keep saying your going too Patty boy

  • I Should Be National Coach

    This is disappointing after getting 9 places last year.

    Did Brailsford and co assume Cav and Wiggo would get the same number as points last year?

    Why didn’t Team Sky target the Europe Tour events with Froome, Downing, Swift, Stannard and Kennaugh and maybe even Thomas to make sure of at least six places?

    I thought the whole point of Team Sky was to benefit British chances? Shouldn’t this have been a priority?

  • borderfox

    looks like just another dig at our man little Cav, you now whats comming next, sorry Mark but your not british your from the Isle of Man, bloody blazer wearing old farts

  • katie

    The top 1o teams get 0 places then the rest 3, a real distribution of places, I don’t think, but then look at how the UCI allocates points towards the world rankings and you begin to understand the maths.

    It is like everything the UCI gets involved in a total farce, just remember how they have allowed the track championships to be devalued by the IOC.
    The UCi have not only proved to be inept but spineless time after time.
    Are there more people out there who believe it is time the UCI was disbanded and a more up to date and in touch body was formed

  • Mauhum

    I don’t understand… so why did you say we would qualify for six places?!!!