Taron Stead, 17, was lying on the road after a collision with a car, only to be told by its passenger that she couldn't help him

A Sheffield teenager was left bloodied at the side of the road after a collision with a car, only to be told by the passenger that she couldn’t help him because she “didn’t want to upset her children”.

Taron Stead, 17, was cycling on Crookes Valley Road during the morning rush hour on March 6 when the incident occurred, leaving him covered in blood and bruises.

But as the Sheffield Star reports, the female passenger got out of the car, told Taron that her children were upset and they were late for school, before the car drove off without leaving any details.

Taron’s mother Naomi Pickard, 45, told the Star: “I can’t believe anyone would leave an injured child at the side of the road after a crash.

“He said the woman in the car got out looked over at him, told him she had children in the car who were upset and she didn’t want them to be late for school, then the car drove off.

“But it was rush hour and it would have been busy so I am hoping that witnesses come forward and help the police trace the driver.”

Taron was eventually helped by members of staff from the Sheffield University law school before being taken to hospital. Police have appealed for any witnesses to come forward.

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A police spokesman said: “The incident happened in Crookes Valley Road, Sheffield on Friday 6 March when a 17-year-old boy on a bicycle was travelling towards Brook Hill along Crooks Valley Road onto Winter Street.

“At around 8.30am, the cyclist and a vehicle turning onto Mushroom Lane were in collision. It is reported that the vehicle left the scene.

“The cyclist suffered facial injuries and bruising. The vehicle is described as a silver Ford, either a Focus or Mondeo.”

  • fixed

    Hunt them down then jail the driver for leaving the scene & her for being a bitch , put the kids in a home for orphans & see if they would do the same again

  • SeanMcCuen

    a car plague has been unleashed on the world, that suucks.

  • Gareth Falder

    I think it will be her husband /partner who will have to take the flack since he was driving. And I bloody hope they find him and throw the book at him.

  • mac

    She was a “passenger”? So was there a driver somewhere?

  • Andrea

    This only shows a mother that’s afraid of her own children… where are we headed?

  • dourscot

    Presumably the court summons she’s due will upset her kids less.

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    This reminds me of a local mother who drove into the back of my car – at some speed – who then excused herself by saying, “I have to go, I’m in a rush, I need to pick my children up from school”. Then promptly shot off.