When a driver turns into a parking spot infront of a cyclist, the rider has no time to brake, leading to the driver's explosive reaction

Cycling around the streets of San Francisco is no easy task, with the traffic and relentlessly steep climbs, but YouTube user X85B had another problem to deal with – an irate driver.

Cycling along Geary and Webster, near the heart of the city, the rider eyed up the Toyota driver as they crossed the junction, with the driver indicating he wished to pull in to park.

While no more than a metre ahead of the rider, the car brakes and pulls into the vacant parking space, causing the rider to slow sharply and reportedly hit the back of the car with his front wheel.

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The driver immediately jumps out of the car to point and shout numerous profanities at the cyclist, who insists the space between the car and rider was not sufficient to turn in front of him.

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In the end the driver resorts to kicking the bike a couple of times, with the rider advising the man to call the police if he felt aggrieved by the situation.

Be warned, the video below contains a lot of swearing, with pretty much every four letter word under the sun cropping up at some point.

  • J.r. Bomber

    This video has convinced me to reinstall the pepper spray on my bikes stem.

  • Jayne

    I would have hit the brakes at 1:02 in the video and backed off immediately. He was lucky, he wasn’t hurt. But it did look to me like the cyclist might have had time to brake. The motorist is clearly out of control/in the wrong with that abusive tirade, but people like this you’re not going to reason with them, and might get injured. Insisting on your rights is like arguing with a narcissist, you’re just going to be attacked more. Or worse, risk serious injury. My guess is this driver is a jerk to other motorists too, not just to cyclists. He probably even kicks his dog/kids. LOL

  • Giraffetamer

    That rude cyclist almost dented that pristine 2002 Siena. What a jerk.

  • Bobby Horton

    would have knocked in his window if it was me

  • Patrick O’Rielley

    By the time the cage drivers get out of their “rides” my shoes are off and I am just hoping….

  • brighty

    This is getting tiresome. Is cycling “news” now reduced to showing every single video of every single cyclist vs. fool encounter in the world? We all meet idiots on the road every day, whether riding our bikes or driving our cars. Highlighting these particular encounters is just base click bait.

    – rewritten to avoid the moderation due to my choice description of the driver –

  • Namothy

    If he was prostrate on the floor, the cops would be there in a heartbeat to put a couple of bullets in.

  • Michael Bury

    wow the guy really needs to take a chill pill, won’t be long till he suffers a heart attack if he continues to act like that. How is it some people just annoy accept that they f****d up! Oh yeh i know, small penis…

  • Jay Kay

    I would have wrapped that piece of scaffolding around that midget driver’s head….

  • dourscot

    Let’s hope the guy’s employer sees this.

  • DP

    and as usual the US/california police will do absolutly nothing.