ITV Sport announced yesterday a new deal brokered with Tour de France organisers ASO, granting ITV the rights to broadcast live coverage of the race between 2010 and 2013.

ITV4 currently broadcasts a daily highlights programme, but the deal will see daily live coverage on the channel for the first time.

The evening highlights programme will remain as well as the opportunity to catch up on the race ‘on demand’ on as well as via ITV mobile.

?ITV4?s cycling coverage has been very well received in previous years and I?m delighted that we?re now able to extend our live coverage of the world?s most famous cycling event,” said ITV4 controller, Dave Fewings.

“After Mark Cavendish?s spectacular stage wins in 2008 I?m sure we?ll have more British success to follow live on ITV4 in the years to come.?

The move is certainly good news for cycling fans and it seems the sport in Britain has a clean bill of health in spite of the incessant doping scandals that have dogged the Tour in recent years.

In addition to its Tour de France coverage, ITV4 will continue to broadcast its daily highlights programmes of the Tours of Britain and Ireland.


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  • felicielaing

    hi.i am a Luxembourg Citizen living in Scotland.follow the Tour every singel DAY and getting a little fed up the Comments about the Luxembourg Riders I/E the Schleck Brothers.also I like to tell you that Luxembourg have there own Language and as said on the commentary (belge).its an insolt to the little Nation whom has done very well in the past and have now there own Luxembourg Sponsor.and please Call them Luxembourg.thank you Mrs .fc.LAING

  • Kenn Winter

    The unique televisual tour of some of France’s 15,000 Listed Churches of historic & architectural interest
    provided as part of coverage of Le Tour de France by ITV4 might beneficially be made into a separate Feature programme ?
    Combined with some local food n drink and fronted by a few appropriate French people eg a Chef, an Architect & a Priest … it could make a uniquely cultured Series –
    like a french holiday without all the hassle ?

  • David Gee

    I wish to congratulate the team on another spectacular Tour coverage. Also thanks goes to the intrepid motorcycle camera crews and helicopter pictures, it was fantastic.Once again it was covered so proffesionally, I’m glad to see it will remain an ITV4 spectacle. The information is extremely good for those enthusiasts who don’t know much about Pro cycling. Please let us have more of the other tours during the year, even if its a one off programme. I have pretty well followed the TDF since the days of Fausto Coppi,Tommy Simpson and Jaques Anqutile and still think the sport is great.

    Please keep it up.

  • Rosie Blackburn

    I am really annoyed I cannot watch the Tour this year. I also lost ITV4 in the retune, can’t get any reception now. Can’t watch it online either cos my broadband isn’t good enough. Doing anything about either costs money I haven’t got. Why can’t the Tour be shown on a proper channel we can all watch, especially as there are a few Brits doing well? I really enjoyed the evening summary each day last year, am missing it this year. Recorded last nights middle of the night weekly roundup, is this all we are going to get?

  • emily beeks

    since i will be in university when le tour is on, i am going to have to watch it online. its available on
    isn’t quite HD, but im sure this is better than nothing. 🙂
    hope this helps

  • John McHugh

    I had the same issue. Basically I had the “aerial man” to adjust the aerial on the roof, what happens is you will loose certain channels but receive others. I cannot get Sky sports news, but ained a perfect reception on all BBC and ITV channels. Hope this helps.

  • Peter Baker

    This is excellent news except for one slight problem. Last year I enjoyed fantastic freeview reception of ITV 4 and enjoyed all the cycling which was on offer. Since the big retune of Freeview in the autumn of 2009, I now have a terrible signal for ITV 4 and I am now wondering how I am going to cope without my daily fix of Le Tour. I have visited various websites for the Eastbourne area which attempt to explain the issue, but I am unimpressed. All my other freeview channels are fine. Am I alone in having this problem, or are there other cyclists out there who have been hit in the same way.