UKAD confirm delay of long-running case following a request from the 2012 Tour of Britain winner.


The hearing into the anti-doping case of Sky rider Jon Tiernan-Locke has been postponed until the summer, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) confirmed today.

Disciplinary action against the Sky rider was requested by the UCI in December after his biological passport data from 2013 was found to contain anomalies.

However, the case of the 29-year-old Devonian will now be delayed until the summer following a request from the 2012 Tour of Britain winner. It is believed a sample provided around the time of this victory was what triggered an investigation into his data.
A statement from UKAD read:
“The hearing of the anti-doping case against Mr Jonathan Tiernan-Locke has been postponed until the summer.  This is at the athlete’s request. Proceedings are confidential until their conclusion, as dictated by the Anti-Doping Rules.  To protect the rights of all involved and the integrity of the process, we are unable to comment further or disclose exact timeframes, which are in any event changeable depending on outcomes.  However, as soon as appropriate we will publish the decision on our website.”

Tiernan-Locke has not raced since September 15 last year, when he failed to finish the GP de Montréal World Tour event in Canada. Sky suspended him from racing, as well as taking part in “any team activities” following the start of disciplinary proceedings.

The former Rapha Condor-Sharp and Endura racing rider denies the charges.


  • Dave2020

    What if . . . . ?

    . . . . The cycle coaching fraternity had the common sense to understand that their train harder, “push harder”, ‘no pain – no gain’ mentality can easily be counter-productive, by damaging the body beyond its powers of recovery, which in turn induces psychological stress and sets the athlete on a downward spiral.

    . . . . Tiernan-Locke had enjoyed great form in the Spring of 2013? Would his “blood values” have been as high, or close to those recorded in 2012? In which case – where’s the anomaly? Did anyone apply a logical analysis to the issue?

    “I most certainly did not ask for any such thing.” (postponement) “I just want this over and done with to clear my name and get my life back,” Tiernan-Locke said.

    To me, this looks like a gross injustice, perpetrated by woolly-minded ‘experts’.

  • Dave2020

    This smacks more of administrative incompetence than evidence of PEDs.

    Tiernan-Locke competed for the Endura team in 2012. Their riders were not part of the biological passport data system. “Endura made a request to the UCI to be allowed to pay to have him put on a biological passport in order to counter the rumours of performance enhancing drugs that circulated after his wins in Tour Mediterraneen and Tour du Haut Var in 2012,” the team added. “However this request was refused by the UCI.”

    They also added that irregularities in biological passport data can be caused by tiredness and ill health. “It is known that there are many possible legitimate causes including fatigue and ill-health, both of which we understand he has suffered from in the last year.” (2013)

    The “suspect samples” i.e. “irregular” blood values date back to Sept. 2012.

    So, a comparison between his blood values when he was enjoying the form of his life (2012), and those when he was suffering chronic fatigue from over-training (2013), is based on the premise that the 2013 values are “normal” and the 2012 values must be suspect? Is that how it works? Seems to me the system’s broke and needs fixing.

    How can the guy prove a negative?

  • Bob Smith

    such a shame, he showed real class a couple of years ago and was impressive in the worlds road race, but why delay the inevitable?