London Cycling Campaign's infrastructure campaigner Simon Munk's address, email address and telephone number by a former member of Waltham Forest Council

The London Cycle Campaign’s infrastructure campaigner, Simon Munk, has complained that his personal information, including his home address and phone number, posted on several Facebook pages on Thursday evening by former Waltham Forest councillor James O’Rourke.

An email was sent by Munk to an email thread about plans for the Marlowe Road estate in Walthamstow, of which O’Rourke was a recipient, to announce that he was taking a position at the LCC.

O’Rourke then posted a screenshot of this email, including Munk’s personal information, onto the pages of three Facebook groups, Walthamstow Residents’ News, Walthamstow Wine and Leytonstone Life, as well as his own personal Facebook page.

The information was taken down by administrators and O’Rourke briefly took the image off his timeline, only to replace it with an amended image that showed the contents of Munk’s email with his personal details blanked out.

“He [O’Rourke] got my auto-response [email] saying I’m going to go and be London Cycling Campaign’s infrastructure campaigner, here’s all my details,” said Munk. “He immediately took that entire email and posted it online because he happens to be someone who’s massively against the mini-Holland scheme in Waltham Forest.”

“He apparently doesn’t see anything wrong with taking my out-of-office auto-response that has my address, my wife’s email address, my new office email, my personal [email] address and my home telephone number and publishing it widely on multiple Facebook groups locally.”

In response to critical comments from other Facebook users, O’Rourke said: “Prior to receiving Mr Munks ’round robin’ email today I had had no contact with him since he blocked me on Facebook some months ago.

“I admit it was wrong that I published an unredacted picture containing his contact details. As soon as this was pointed out to me I immediately rectified the matter.

“It seems it’s ok for Mr Munk, in his high profile position supporting miniholland, to denegrate and vilify anyone who disagreed with him; including me.”

An admin for the Leytonstone Life page posted yesterday evening that James O’Rourke had been “permanently excluded” from the group for his post.

On Friday morning, the personal phone number of Phil Jones, the Labour councillor who is the cabinet member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning for Camden Council, was posted on Twitter, allegedly in response to policies promoting cycling in London.

  • Stevo

    Did you not think before you acted? Do you consider discretion unimportant? What purpose was served by your publishing a facsimile of the mail in the first place?

  • James O’Rourke

    It seems Mr Munk has cried wolf once too often.

    Whilst I admit it would have been wiser had I removed his contact details from the facsimile of his email, not an auto-response, his and his partners personal details are plastered all over the world wide web!

    If Mr Munk is so concerned for his and his family’s safety it might well be in his best interests to seek professional IT advice on how to safeguard their personal information freely available online.

    Also Mr Munk is very adept at reporting his jaundiced account.

    For instance what he has omitted to inform you is that he too was banned from a Facebook group for trolling and bad mouthing anyone who opposed his evangelical view on the Miniholland project.

    And his allegation that I blocked him on Facebook when in reality it was the other way round.

    I wish LCC all the best after employing a man who is economical with the truth.

  • mdj

    ‘The London Cycle Campaign’s infrastructure campaigner, Simon Munk, has complained…’; in the old days of hot metal, a wise printer would have left this phrase permanently boxed up ready for use.

    Mr Munk is quick to denigrate those who differ from him; when he put two items in the public domain about the start date of his new appointment which appeared to contradict one another (a matter of relevance to the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland project, which has been promoted in a manner calculated to alienate many who might have supported it), I pointed this out in the same forum.

    He accused me of stalking him.

    I hope that, when he promotes cycling measures elsewhere, a valuable task when diplomatically carried out, he is more successful at not becoming the story.