8am Cockspur Street near Trafalgar Square: Metropolitan Police officers today very visibly turned up the screws on their recent initiative to target cyclists and drivers who disobey the rules of the road.

Then this afternoon between 4pm and 7pm,  the City of London Police will be back working at Aldersgate Street, Bishopsgate, Ludgate Hill, The Bank and the Barbican Estate in the City of London.

According to Transport for London (TfL) “road users are being encouraged to respect each other and keep London’s roads safe.”

Over the coming months, police will regularly target key locations at peak times across London to crack down on road users who disobey traffic signals, encroach on advance stop lines, cycle carelessly or on pavements or use their mobile phones.

A TfL press release published this morning goes on, “With London’s cycling revolution gathering pace and the number of people travelling by bicycle in the Capital increasing, officers from the City of London Police and Metropolitan Police Service will be using education and enforcement to encourage considerate and safe behaviour from all road users and promote sharing the road safely.”

“Road users found to be behaving negligently or in an aggressive manner will be handed a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of up to £60 by police officers.  Motorists and cyclists given a FPN for less serious offences may get the option to have their ticket cancelled if they attend a safety education course.”


Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor of London’s Transport Advisor, said: “While the vast majority of cyclists and motorists behave with care on the Capital’s roads, targeted operations such as these encourage considerate, safe and lawful behaviour from all road users and help to create a culture of mutual respect where all road users can share the road safely.
“The Mayor wants to see cyclists on their best behaviour as part of the cycling revolution in the city.

“This is London’s year of cycling and it’s clear there is a huge potential to increase the number of people travelling around the city by pedal power. For this to happen we need all road users, including cyclists, to use the road responsibly so we can move a step closer to realising the Mayor’s vision to make London the best big cycling city in the world.”

Chief Inspector Craig Haslam from Westminster Borough Police said: “Our officers work hard to ensure that cyclists and other road users are able to travel as safely as possible across London.  We do not tolerate anyone behaving in a way that endangers others and anyone who rides or drives on the roads must be aware of their responsibility for their own safety and that of other road users.”

City of London Police’s Chief Inspector Matt Burgess said: “Cyclists heading into a busy city like London need to be aware of the different hazards they face – especially around HGVs and their blind spots – and that’s why our officers are out in the community, giving specialist urban cycling advice.

“But we will not tolerate any road user who chooses to ignore the rules, and will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught running red lights, cycling on the pavement or driving recklessly.”

Steve Burton, TfL’s Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing, said:  “It’s important that all road users behave with consideration towards each other and obey the rules of the road.  

“During these operations, police officers will take the opportunity to hand out safety advice as well as issuing FPNs to motorists and cyclists who are clearly negligent and jump red lights, encroach advanced stop lines or cycle on pavements.”

  • Adrian

    Jaywalking pedestrians put my life and theirs at risk.

    This week:

    3x someone pushed a person in a wheelchair out in front of me (and not even next to a hospital)

    1x people sitting and drinking in cycle lane

    30 x + pedestrians crossing street in front of me (either simply oblivious, or on the phone, listening to ipod)

    4x pedestrians stepping out between parked / stopped cars without looking

    Not even considering car doors, non-turn-signalling vehicles and so on.

  • Jim

    Chris Farrar said “Licenced drivers all face fines and potentially serious prosecutions for their non compliance or recklessness”.

    If only! In reality, vast numbers of motorists get away with breaking speed limits, driving while talking on their mobiles, and other forms of reckless and dangerous driving, every single day. And they’re the ones who are really endangering the rest of us.

    I would love to see an even-handed approach that punished both motorists and cyclists when they endanger others. But strangely enough, these ‘crackdowns’ only ever seem to target cyclists. It’s like cracking down on gun crime by confiscating water pistols.

  • Steve

    Hope they’re serious about targeting Advance Stop Box infringer’s, especially scooters and motorbikes.

  • Trog

    There must be a balanced education of pedestrians too. FPN’s must be given out to them for jaywalking for example if needs be. They are highway users as well.

  • John

    Don’t think this will make a differece

  • Fernando Calheiros

    This is a welcomed sight, it’s only a shame that they will likely be doing this outside the rush hour times and not on the busiest roads.

    I ride a bycicle, a Scooter and a Car. I see the best and worst of all types of reoad users. I think all need better understanding of Road safety and start respecting each other.


  • Chris Farrar

    Firstly I must say I’m glad to see some action to prevent and penalise cyclists ignoring traffic regulation. I have an involvement with the road transport industry and have seen first hand the devastation caused by road accidents involving large and heavy vehicles and cyclists, Which unfortunately usually result in deaths of healthy young and fit adults, anything that will make cyclists and LGV / PCV drivers more aware of each other is in my opinion well worth while. Licenced drivers all face fines and potentially serious prosecutions for their non compliance or recklessness, why should cyclists be immune from their own liability for their actions? I have heard it suggested that all cyclists should be registered and have identification on high visibility clothing to enable them to be identified in the same way vehicles are identified by number plates. At the end of the day and all of the debating its LIVES that are at risk and the lives of cyclists, look after your own safety and obey the traffic regulations. If all road uses took that on board the streets of London would be safer for cyclist and pedestrians. I have an HGV class one (artic) licence and now regularly train LGV/PCV drivers, I driver regularly in central London and do cycle myself but I must say not in London, its too dangerous !

  • Mark

    With more cyclists out there it’s really important to put our best pedal forward. A website that addresses this is civilstreets.org

  • Tom

    I will be interested to see whether they bother with the hundreds of pedestrians that jaywalk across from Liverpool Street making any trip through there a blooming nightmare for drivers and cyclists alone.

  • Jim

    I will be delighted if the rhetoric is translated into a real crackdown on dangerous driving as well as cyclists who run red lights. Past campaigns seem have concentrated mostly on cyclists, despite the fact that we pose much less of a hazard than cars or trucks, simply because it is easier for police to pull over a cyclist than someone driving a vehicle.